Teinert and Carter Set School Records at Pac-10 Championships

May 14, 2005

Los Angeles, CA -

Day one of the Pac-10 Track and Field championships got off today at DrakeStadium on the campus of UCLA. After the Pac-10 Multi-Event championships fromlast weekend, the Cal men stood in third on the strength of a third place finishin the decathlon by junior Jonas Hallgrimsson who scored 7,002 points inhis first complete decathlon as a Golden Bear. Senior All-American BrookeMeredith was also third last weekend in the women's heptathlon with 5,446points. Her finish put the women in a tie for second place with Oregon.

The events today consisted largely of trials for track events to be contestedtomorrow with the exception of the field events and some of the distance events,which were run as finals.

Overall the women's team managed to qualify all but one athlete from thefirst day for the finals and scored a total of 15 points for sixth place. Themen's team scored a total of 38 points and stand in fourth place.


MEN'S HAMMER-Senior All-American Rhuben Williams and freshman JohnLudden would lead the Bears off in the men's hammer throw. Ludden used hissafety throw on his very first attempt with an easy 177-11 and followed thatwith his best throw of the day at 184-6. Williams had a difficult series wherehe used his safety throw first, but was forced to stand with that mark. Williamsthrew 182-5 right away, but couldn't put together a decent throw. He fouled onhis final throw of the prelims, and then again on his first and final throws inthe finals. Ludden and Williams ended up finishing sixth and seventh,respectively for a total of five points.

WOMEN'S SHOT PUT-Freshman Missy Faubus had a difficult time early-onfouling her first throw and putting up a safety throw in the second round thatdidn't get her into the finals. Her final throw was also a foul and Faubus wouldhave to sit out for the finals. Her only fair throw was 43-1.75. Sophomore Kelechi Anyanwu meanwhile had a great series of throws and had a lifetimebest in her very last attempt at 48-6.25 in the finals. She finished ninth.

WOMEN'S LONG JUMP-Junior Antonette Carter and junior Elzunia Lambboth scored in the long jump. Carter, who had just finished setting a schoolrecord in the 100m prelim, was in third place going into the finals with Lamb infifth. During the finals Carter failed to improve on her mark from the prelimsof 20-0.25 while Lamb managed to improve in her last two jumps with a final leapof 19-10.75 to improve to fourth. Meanwhile, Porchea Carroll of ASU saved heronly serious effort for her last jump and moved all the way from seventh tothird, pushing Carter and Lamb down a place with a mark of 20-1.5. Cal won ninepoints between Carter and Lamb.

MEN'S JAVELIN-Junior Paul Teinert posted a lifetime best in winningCal's first event of the 2005 championships. Teinert threw 235-11 on his veryfirst throw to take the lead and quash any hopes the rest of the field had forwinning the event as the nearest mark was Lars Laursen of Oregon at 222-2. Itwould be Teinert's only throw over 70.0m as he fouled the rest of his throwsduring the prelims and threw 69.97m (226-3) in his last throw of the finals. "Itwent really well, I couldn't have asked for a better day, good weather alwaysmakes you feel good, but I felt really healthy, and during warm-ups I knew thatI was going to have a big throw. It feels good to get that throw off early andthen you can get after those other throw without worrying about fouling." JonasHallgrimsson was in seventh going into the finals with a throw of 201-4 withTommy Skipper of Oregon in sixth with a throw of 207-3. Hallgrimsson used hisvery last throw to put out a a lifetime best of 213-6 and pass Skipper up forfifth. Skipper tried to respond with a throw of 207-3, but was too short to takethe points back. The two athletes scored a total of 14 points for the men'steam.

MEN'S POLE VAULT-Senior Scott Sobieralski no-heighted. Thedecathlete's lifetime best stands at 16-6.75. The event was won by Kim Yoo ofUCLA at 17-9. The lowest scoring height was 16-0.75 by Andy Young of Oregon.Last year's champion, Tommy Skipper of Oregon no-heighted as well.

MEN'S LONG JUMP-Senior Brandon Williams managed a seventh place finishby jumping very near his lifetime best of 24-2.5 set this year at the MPSFchampionships. The extremely thick field saw three jumpers over 25-0 with thewinning mark of 25-6 set by Trevell Quinly of ASU. Quinley upset the largelyfavored Allen Simms of USC.

MEN'S SHOT PUT-After his disappointing finish in the hammer throw, RhubenWilliams had to go home with his family to get his mind right for the shot put.The senior took advantage of the large time gap between the events to have. "Iwas about two steps away from crying, so I just went home and had a sandwichwith my mom and a friend and spent some time with the family. I saw my littlenephew for the first time, he's like seven-weeks old, I was in a really goodmood." After getting it together, Williams closed the final round of the prelimswith a monster toss of 64-2.5 to come within inches of his lifetime best of 64-9.75 and to tie Sean Shields of Arizona. Going into the finals Shieldsanswered Williams challenge with a 65-5.5 heave to take the outright lead.Williams fought back with two more throws over 60-0 but couldn't improve in thefinals to take second in one of the strongest conferences in the country for theshot put. Freshman Craig Kent finished seventh with a throw of 56-8.5 tohelp Cal score a total of 10 points in the event.

WOMEN'S 3,000SC-Sophomore Amanda Thornberry finished 12th among afield of 16 athletes with a time of 11:25.63. Her best time is 11:17.15 set lastweekend at Sacramento. The lowest scoring time was Liz Lindgren of Arizona Stateat 10:47.62.

MEN'S 3,000SC-Junior Kevin Davis ran an extremely strong race. Thejunior has been struggling against illness and injury all season and has notbeen able to produce a mark near his lifetime best of 8:55.56, set last year.The junior ran out with the rest of the pack and stayed near the middle of afairly broken up field through the first four laps. With five laps to go, Daviswas running at the back of the pack with the leaders roughly 80m ahead. At threelaps to go Davis began to pick up the pace and move on some of the runners aheadof him. In the closing 400m, Davis was still 80m behind the leaders as the fieldbegan kicking. With 200m left Davis began to kick fiercely and after the finalwater barrier was moving strongly on Joshua Ludwig of Arizona. Davis' momentumcarried him past Ludwig in the final 50m and almost got him past Kyle Alcorn ofOregon. Davis' time of 8:56.57 crushes his seasonal best of 9:27.50. The timealso qualifies him for the NCAA Regional championships in two weeks. Score onepoint for the men's team.


WOMEN'S 1,500m- Senior Lindsay Maclise qualified for the finals byplace, running a time of 4:32.62. She has a best of 4:27.77 set at this year'sStanford Invitational. Senior All-American Bridget Duffy qualified forthe finals by time in a faster heat where she ran 4:30.89. Her best is 4:22.55set in 2004. The fastest qualifying time was 4:26.22 by USC's Iryna Vashchuk.

MEN'S 110mH-Sophomore Thomas Mack came into the event with a best of14.12 set earlier this year at the Illinois-Cal duel meet. At the gun Oregon'sEric Mitchum blazed out of the blocks quickly and ran away with the race fromthe first hurdle on. Mack cleared the first and second hurdles with the rest ofthe pack, but could not break away from the group. Mack stayed with the group,but lost ground at the fifth hurdle when he clipped it with his trail leg andfell back to finish sixth in the second heat at 14.53 to end up only two placesaway from qualifying.

WOMEN'S 100mH-Junior Osarhiemen Omwanghe, who has run largelyunchallenged and consequently unpushed, set a seasonal best of 13.59 and was theonly athlete in the top eight to run better than her seed mark. By the secondhurdle Omwanghe was in third place behind Dawn Harper of UCLA and Candice Davidof USC. By the fourth hurdle the field developed essentially as it would finishwith Diana Pickler of WSU in fourth and a trailing pack behind her. At the fifthhurdle though David crashed the barrier and fell into the sixth hurdledisqualifying her and giving the race to Harper. Osarhiemen took second by aneasy margin over Pickler to qualify for tomorrow's finals. Virginia Powell ofUSC was the top qualifier at 12.95.

MEN'S 400m-Junior Nestor Solis ran evenly through the first 200m, adeparture from his usual style of getting out hard and fast. Despite runningevenly the rest of the field steadily made up ground on him. With 100m to go,Solis had lost nearly all his steam and finished in eighth place, coming in at48.28. Sophomore Jonathan Suddaby ran a seasonal best of 47.90 in hisheat of the 400m. The sophomore got out strongly with the rest of the field andwas seventh coming off the straight. Suddaby picked it up and started to move upon Stanford's Curtis Goehring whom he steadily closed on all the way down thestraight but could not quite catch the Cardinal. The slowest qualifying time forthe finals was 46.80 by Washington's Bruce Jackson.

WOMEN'S 100m-Antonette Carter had a stellar effort in the 100m enroute to aschool record time of 11.43 with a barely legal 1.9 m/s tailwind. Weatherspoonof USC got out first and had the race in her pocket in the first 10m. Carter'sown strong start allowed her to separate from the field by 15m. Carter beganmaking up ground on the Trojan with 60m to go, but Weatherspoon's start was toostrong as she came in at 11.34 to have the fastest qualifying time that day. Inthe second heat Senior Shannan Hawes produced a lifetime best as wellwhere she finished third in her heat with a strong and even race that had thefinishing places cemented halfway through. Hawes time of 11.75 beats her oldlifetime best of 11.84 set earlier this year at the Cal v Nevada duel meet.

MEN'S 100m-Freshman Rashaad Nunnally had a fast start in the firstheat of the men's 100m but was not able to keep the lead through the end of therace as he fell behind the field to finish eighth at 10.77. The heat was won byPhillip Francis of USC in 10.46. In the final heat Cal fared slightlybetter as Senior Toby Atawo finished seventh at 10.69 into a headwind of0.3 m/s. The heat was won by Marvin Anderson of USC at 10.28 who was also thefastest time of the day. The slowest qualifying time was 10.51.

WOMEN'S 800m-In one of the strongest events for the Cal women, Freshman Alysia Johnson ran a strong and in control race to win the first heat. Atthe break Johnson ran in third behind runners from Stanford and USC where shewould remain for much of the race. The placing remained largely unchangedthrough the first lap and into the first turn of the second lap. With 300m to goJohnson was passed to fall to fourth, but calmly kept her pace through the finalturn where she was almost passed again. Coming off the turn Johnson began hercharge, but looked as though she was boxed in on the inside as the rest of thefield began to spread to the outside lanes. Johnson refused to be held back andthreaded her way between the Stanford and USC runners that had been leading thewhole time for first place. With 90m to go Johnson was in first and ran ahead ofthe field to finish in 2:08.70.

The second heat feature the middle distance prowess of Senior Chloe Jarvisand Junior Whitney Schmucker who ran a very coordinated race to finishfirst and third, respectively. Jarvis got out fast and was first to the pole andgoing into the turn was in third with Schmucker right behind her. Through 400mboth runners ran right next to each other and behind the leading pair. Cominginto the first turn of the final lap Jarvis moved into third as Schmucker satbehind her running comfortably as they both came into the straight where Jarvispassed a runner to move into third while Schmucker steadily made up ground onthe same runner to pass at the end of the straight. With Jarvis and Schmuckerrunning second and third coming into the final straight, Jarvis began to pick upthe pace on the leader, Ashley Freeman of Stanford, to casually pass in thefinal strides of the race for a winning time of 2:08.42 with Schmucker finishingin a close third at 2:08.85. All three Cal athletes moved on to the finals.

MEN'S 800m-Freshman Alex McClary came into a strong field with a brandnew 1:48.84 lifetime best under his belt. Sharing a lane with Michael Garcia ofStanford, the freshman had a hard time getting to the pole quickly. Coming outof the break McClary stood in fifth and ran on the outside lanes coming into thesecond turn with a tight pack of runners. The pack jostled about through thefinal straight with lots of contact between the runners and at the bell McClarywas in sixth. With 300m to go McClary moved into fifth as the pack dissolvedwhile different runners started their kicks at different times. McClary took iteasy and waited to start his kick at the top of the final turn after he hadfallen back to seventh place. McClary stormed down the turn to pass runnersthrough the straight and ran a comfortable qualifying time of 1:50.50.

WOMEN'S 400mH-Osarhiemen Omwanghe and Brooke Meredith lined up for the secondheat, which saw both athletes qualify for the finals based on time. Omwanghe rana strong race and looked to have third place locked up until runners from UCLAand Oregon passed her in the closing strides of the race to give her fifth.Omwanghe was saved the effort though as she still qualified for the finals witha time of 1:00.45 with Meredith right behind her at 1:01.46. The fastestqualifying time was 59.65 by Undine Becker of Stanford.

MEN'S 400mH-Thomas Mack ran a strong race and ran as though performingpenance for not making the finals in the 110mH earlier. The sophomore ran withthe leaders coming into the final turn and setup to run cleanly down thestraight. Mack stayed in fourth coming off the turn and all the way through thetape to run within .06 seconds of his lifetime best. His final time of 52.55qualifies him by time for tomorrow's finals. Sophomore Craig Woods whoran in an earlier heat was eighth at 54.65. The slowest qualifying time was EricNygard of Washington State at 53.29 while the fastest qualifier was ShaneCharles of  Washington at 51.10.

WOMEN'S 200m-Antonette Carter followed a school record performance in the100m with a seasonal best in the 200m. Only 50m into the turn Carter had takencontrol of the race and was running away from the field coming out of the turn.Shannan Hawes meanwhile ran in fourth coming off the turn only just behindsecond and third. Hawes' time of 23.96 gave her a lifetime best while Carter ran23.34. The fastest time that day was UCLA's Monique Henderson who ran 22.92, theninth fastest time in the world. Carter on her performance: "It was okay, it wasrough going back and forth between the 100m and the long jump, but I did get todo the 100m while I was fresh so that was good." On her 200m: "It did feel likeI ran that fast though, so I'm hoping to run faster tomorrow. I'm shooting tobreak 23.00, so if I beat her [Henderson] than so be it, but I'm ready for arace and I know she'll be the one to give me one."

MEN'S 200m-After getting out fast senior Toby Atawo faded off the turn tofinish seventh in his heat with a time of 21.44. Atawo's lifetime best is 21.24set this year at the Cal v Illinois duel meet.

Competition continues tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. with the finals in the women'shammer and the conclusion of the track and field events.

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