Getting to Know Kaylan Vander Schilden

May 16, 2005

Kaylan Vander Schilden has helped lead Cal to an undefeated regular season and a Pac-10 championship. Vander Schilden has had great success outside of Cal; she rowed for the Canadian junior national team. While preparing for the NCAA championships (June 3-5) she sat down with and answered some questions.

Nickname: Killer (My coach originally tried 'spider' but that did not catch on, thank goodness)

Position: 7 seat in the Varsity 8+

Movie: This changes constantly, but I would have to say my two favorite movies right now are 'Garden State' and 'Lost in Translation.'
TV show: 'Rachel Ray - 30 minute meals'; you learn to love the food network when you have no cable.
Athlete: I have no idea ... how about a hockey player? I am Canadian.
Sport to play (other than crew): Cricket, not sure if that really counts as a sport though.
Sport to watch (on TV or in person): Hockey
Food: Peanut butter
Band/Artist: This is too hard. I'm a huge fan of Ben Harper. Yeah, I guess I'll say Mr. Harper
How did you get involved in crew?: My older sister, Faraley, originally started rowing before I did, so one summer she sent me to a camp that one of her friends was coaching when I was 13. That's how I got involved and I haven't stopped since.

Why did you choose to come to Cal?: A girl I know, who briefly went to Cal, begged me to go look at the school while I was in the midst of checking out universities my grade 12 year. Another one of my friends told me I would know the school I would want to go to the second I got there, and I did.

At the beginning of the season, what is the one thing you most look forward to?: The end of the season, only because that is when we have our biggest races.

What did you dread most about coming to Cal?: Maybe classes, or living in the dorms... I don't like communal bathrooms.

What is your pre-race routine/superstition?: The only routine that I really have for big races is that I always have a new pair of socks to wear. New socks are a big deal to me.

What are the last 3 CD's you bought?: Tracey Chapman, The Postal Service, and Best of Van Morrison.

If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you bring with you, and what 3 things would you want to take?: I would take Laura Terheyden, my roommate and teammate, because we would have a total gas together on a desert island. Three things that I would take with me would be: sunscreen, my bathing suit and a towel. You did say a desert island right?

What is your greatest achievement in crew?: So far, winning Pac-10s as a team last year; that was pretty cool, but hopefully my greatest achievements are yet to come.

What do you do in your spare time?: I'm not sure... I don't really have any. If I did, I think I would cook a lot more, or maybe start a garden.

If you could trade places with anyone (celebrity or not) who would it be and why?: I would trade places with the woman who hosts the show 'World Greatest Spas' because she honestly must have the best job in the world.

Who/what inspires you?: My team, my family, my friends. Everyone that I am surrounded with is pretty inspiring.

What is the one song/type of music that you think should be banned from the erg room?: Country. No ifs, ands or buts.

What are your plans for the summer?: I'm going to go back to Victoria, BC for a while, train and work. In August I am going to go traveling in Europe to visit some people and see some sites.

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