Coughlin Wins 100, 200 Frees in Santa Clara

June 26, 2005

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Former California swimmers Natalie Coughlin and Bart Kizierowski and incoming Golden Bears freshman Jessica Hardy combined to win four events at the Santa Clara International Invitational held Thursday through Sunday at the Santa Clara Swim Club. Several current, former and future Bears swam at the meet, which is the third in USA Swimming's series of four tuneups preparing athletes for next month's World Championships.

Coughlin, the U.S. Olympic gold medallist who graduated from Cal last month, won the 100-meter freestyle in a time of 54.98 and the 200-meter freestyle in a meet-record mark of 1:59.97, while competing for the California Aquatics club. Coughlin, whose winning time in the 200 broke her old meet mark of 1:59.99 set last year, also placed sixth in 26.57 in the 50 free.

Kizierowski, a Cal alumnus who served his first year as the Cal men's volunteer assistant coach this past season, won the men's 50 free in 22.36, while competing for Poland. Hardy, of Irvine Novaquatics, won the women's 100 breaststroke in a meet-record time of 1:08.25.

Other outstanding individual swims included fourth-place finishes by returning senior Ashley Chandler (2:02.55 in the women's 200 free, swimming for California Aquatics), returning senior Helen Silver (2:15.16 in the women's 200 backstroke, California Aquatics) and former Bear Duje Draganja (22.83 in the men's 50 free, Croatia); fifth-place finishes by returning junior Erin Reilly (57.14 in the women's 100 free, California Aquatics), returning senior Milorad Cavic (54.11 in the men's 100 butterfly, Serbia & Montenegro), and Helen Silver (1:03.56 in the women's 100 backstroke); and sixth-place finishes by former Bear Rolandas Gimbutis (22.91 in the men's 50 free and 50.69 in the men's 100 free, California Aquatics).

The top result for an incoming Cal men's freshman was a seventh-place finish (57.05) by David Russell (New England Barracudas) in the 100 back. Cal alum Alex Lim (Malaysia) won the 100 back consolation final in 56.73.

Santa Clara International Invitational, June 23-26 in Santa Clara, Calif.
Results of Former, Current and Future California Swimmers

Friday, June 24

Women's 100-Meter Freestyle

1. Natalie Coughlin (California Aquatics) 54.98. 5. Erin Reilly (California Aquatics) 57.14. 15. Lauren Rogers (Terrapins Swim Team) 58.43.

Men's 100-Meter Breaststroke

8. Miguel Molina (Unattached) 1:05.53.

Women's 200-Meter Breaststroke

8. Jessica Hardy (Irvine Novaquatics) 2:37.72. 23. Genevieve Patterson (California Aquatics) 2:42.22. 27. Anne Babicz (California Aquatics) 2:45.00.

Men's 200-Meter Freestyle

10. Dominik Meichtry (California Aquatics) 1:51.42.

Women's 400-Meter Freestyle

9. Erin Reilly (California Aquatics) 4:25.38. 19. Ashley Chandler (California Aquatics) 4:16.35. 22. Lauren Medina (California Aquatics) 4:23.64.

Women's 100-Meter Butterfly

25. Anne Babicz (California Aquatics) 1:04.70.

Men's 200-Meter Butterfly

10. David Russell (New England Barracudas) 2:05.60. 18. Patrick O'Neil (Unattached) 2:09.46. 20. Matthew Scanlan (Bakersfield Swim Club) 2:09.35.

Women's 400-Meter Free Relay

2. Terrapins Swim Team (with Lauren Rogers) 3:55.37. 3. California Aquatics (Lauren Medina, Ashley Chandler, Helen Silver, Rachel Ridgeway) 3:56.21.

Men's 400-Meter Freestyle Relay

7. Bakersfield Swim Club (with Joe Whittington and Matthew Scanlan) 3:41.39.

Saturday, June 25

Men's 100-Meter Butterfly

5. Milorad Cavic (Serbia & Montenegro) 54.11. 9. Rolandas Gimbutis (California Aquatics) 55.90. 22. John Dorr (California Aquatics) 57.57. 24. Patrick O'Neil (Unattached) 57.88. 25. David Russell (New England Barracudas) 57.90.

Women's 100-Meter Breaststroke

1. Jessica Hardy (Irvine Novaquatics) 1:08.25M. 13. Genevieve Patterson (California Aquatics) 1:14.00. 21. Anne Babicz (California Aquatics) 1:15.29.

Women's 200-Meter Freestyle

1. Natalie Coughlin (California Aquatics) 1:59.97M. 4. Ashley Chandler (California Aquatics) 2:02.55. 12. Erin Reilly (California Aquatics) 2:03.32. 14. Lauren Medina (California Aquatics) 2:04.09

Men's 200-Meter Backstroke

9. Alex Lim (Malaysia) 2:07.43. 16. David Russell (New England Barracudas) 2:10.23. 20. Matthew Scanlan (Bakersfield Swim Club) 2:10.67.

Women's 100-Meter Backstroke

5. Helen Silver (California Aquatics) 1:03.56. 7. Lauren Rogers (Terrapins Swim Team) 1:04.50. 9. Sherry Tsai (California Aquatics) 1:04.60.

Men's 50-Meter Freestyle

1. Bart Kizierowski (Poland) 22.36. 4. Duje Draganja (Croatia) 22.83. 6. Rolandas Gimbutis (California Aquatics) 22.91. 12. Milorad Cavic (Serbia & Montenegro) 23.60. 15. William Copeland (California Aquatics) 23.89. 16. Joe Whittington (Bakersfield Swim Club) 23.95. 21. Dash Rothberg (Unattached) 24.13.

Men's 800-Meter Freestyle Relay

9. Bakersfield Swim Club (with Matthew Scanlan) 8:16.19.

Sunday, June 26

Women's 200-Meter Butterfly

10. Rachel Ridgeway (California Aquatics) 2:17.67. 15. Erin Reilly (California Aquatics) 2:20.82.

Women's 50-Meter Freestyle

6. Natalie Coughlin (California Aquatics) 26.57.

Men's 100-Meter Freestyle

6. Rolandas Gimbutis (California Aquatics) 50.69. 8. Jonas Tilly (Unattached) 51.65. 13. Dominik Meichtry (California Aquatics) 51.76. 17. William Copeland (California Aquatics) 52.25.

Women's 200-Meter Individual Medley18. Ashley Chandler (California Aquatics) 2:26.60.

Men's 200-Meter Individual Medley

7. John Dorr (California Aquatics) 2:07.36

Women's 200-Meter Backstroke

4. Helen Silver (California Aquatics) 2:15.16. 10. Lauren Rogers (Terrapins Swim Team) 2:18.32.

Men's 100-Meter Backstroke

7. David Russell (New England Barracudas) 57.05. 10. Alex Lim (Malaysia) 56.73. 19. Dash Rothberg (59.72).

Women's 800-Meter Freestyle

11. Ashley Chandler (California Aquatics) 9:00.11.

Women's 400-Meter Medley Relay

6. Terrapins Swim Team (with Lauren Rogers) 4:23.37.

Men's 400-Meter Medley Relay

4. Bakersfield Swim Club (with Matthew Scanlan and Joe Whittington) 4:03.29. 5. New England Barracudas (with David Russell) 4:03.34.

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