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Photo gallery - day seven

What's up, Bruin fans. This is Noelle Quinn reporting live from Cairns. For those of you who are superstitious, you all know 7 is a 'lucky' number. Unfortunately, Day 7 of our journey down under wasn't so lucky! Let me explain ...

We started the day visiting the Aboriginal Cultural Park. Aborigines are the indigenous people of Australia whose culture exhibits their oneness with the essence of nature. The entire experience was both captivating and informative. We watched a performance filled with singing and dancing as the performers sparked a fire right before our eyes using merely sticks and a hay-like material. There were also various stations which allowed us to experience the aboriginal culture more in depth. We learned how to throw spears (Amanda was extremely good with this! I think she was an Aborigine in her previous life. :) and also learned how to throw boomerangs.

This is where the trouble started. Shaina Zaidi, who shoots the '3-ball' with such precision, ran into a bit of trouble when it was her turn to throw the boomerang. The guide informed us that if we were able to catch our boomerang as it came back to us, we could keep it. So as Shaina's boomerang returned back to her, she attempted to catch it. Unfortunately, the boomerang changed speeds at the last second, slipped through her hands and clipped her forehead. She was a soldier about everything and in the end needed eight stitches to close her battle wound. She is alright now and will be all healed in no time. She'll have an awesome story to share with her children and grandchildren someday!!

This incident brought a tiny black cloud over our day, but our team makes the best of everything and continued to enjoy our experience. We stopped stopped at a marketplace with numerous shops. A few of my teammates took cute pictures with koalas, as they were able to hold and cuddle them.

We had a fine cuisine for our pre-game meal and hours later headed to the gym for our final game on tour. This was officially the last time Sissy played with us as a Bruins (I'll miss you, Sis!). It was the end of the 04-05 Lady Bruins and the start of the Final Four bound 05-06 Lady Bruins. I can't wait!! Unfortunately, the outcome of the game did not turn out how we liked, but it was definitely a hard-fought battle. It is tough playing on our opponent's home court without you guys behind us. But we finished the game strong and walked out with our heads high like true Bruins do. Like I said before, our day did not resemble a lucky #7 day, but we had some memorable experiences together as a Bruin family.

Well, I'm going to close now. I have to get some rest. We have a fun-filled day at the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow. We start at 6:45 am, which is about 1:45 pm your time. Lucky!! I hope you enjoyed my diary, I miss all of you guys, and I can't wait until we begin our journey to a great season. Have a great summer!

Much love,


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