Player Diary: Courtney Thompson

Sept. 1, 2005

Junior setter and tri-captain Courtney Thompson will be keeping a player diary throughout the 2005 volleyball season and will provide an inside look into the ins and outs of Husky Volleyball. Courtney's third installment talks about pregame rituals and the Huskies preparing for their first road trip.

It's hard to believe we have already played two matches. August went by so fast this year. Now that we play every weekend from now until December, we really live life week-to-week. Every Monday through Thursday we prepare, Friday and Saturday we show what we have done all week, and Sunday we rest just to get ready to do it all over again. I love it.

It was so nice to get back in the routine of playing games. Game days are really fun and they are always almost exactly the same. Playing a two-hour match is an all day event when you play in college. We arrive at the gym at about 11 a.m. to watch film on the opponents and then we have a few hours to do rehab and just lay low. At 1:30 we are ready to go to practice, which goes from 2-3. We have our pre-game meal right after practice (which is catered and always delicious) in a room right in Hec Ed followed by more film in the team room. It's about 4:30 when we're done with that so we have little over an hour to shower and prepare for the game because we meet back in the team room at 5:50.

Everyone prepares a little bit differently and everyone has her own quirky routines: we always sit in the exact same spots for pre-game meal, Candace always stays pretty quite, the very last serve of practice everyone simultaneously serves at the middles who are trying to pass any ball they can (and despite the fact that we do this every game day, we just find hilarious every time). Candace is still pretty quite, Farny puts Brie's bow in her hair right before we go out, Christal brushes her teeth, Candace really doesn't say much, we stretch in the same spots in practice and in games, Danka gets her towel ready and puts it around her neck like a boxer, Candace keeps quite, Sanja and Brie block first until everyone else follows (always in the same order), Candace is still keeping quite, and after our warm-ups when we're back in the locker room for the last time, I am always the last one to come out. Then we play and Candace goes crazy. We will do that around 35 times this year, and it never changes. I won't even start getting in to practice routines...

We play Trinity Western at 1:00 tomorrow and right after the game are taking a bus down to Portland where we'll play Friday and Saturday. Road trips are really fun. We watch movies, play a lot of games but I'll be honest with you- trying to play a peaceful game of Catch Phrase with our team is impossible. Seriously it is not possible. Brie's level of craziness far exceeds anyone else's, but you'd be surprised at how into it people really get (Darla, Farny). I know we're working every day to be the best volleyball players we can be, but we've got some serious talent in Catch Phrase and I see a lot bright futures if volleyball doesn't work out. Every year is different, so we'll see if the freshman can hang.

We had the most random things happen at practice the other day. It felt like we being tested on our focus because everything that could have been distracting happened all at once. First of all, the whole gym smelt funny because they painted the downstairs of Hec Ed (I really like the new look, it used to be a really bright gold and they changed it to more of an alabaster color and I think it looks great). Also, there were probably eight people taking down the bleachers from our game all at once and it was so loud from the seats hitting the floor. Then, right in the middle of practice they were testing the fire alarms in the gym so not only did it look like a light show but the noise was ridiculous. I guess the most important thing is that in case of an emergency we will all be properly notified, but it was kind of funny how many things were going on all at once.

Since we leave tomorrow I have to go do a ton of laundry, and I hate doing laundry. If you know my mom (Linda- she's great) please do not tell her this, but... I have been living out of my laundry basket for the entire preseason. When you are tired from practice, the last thing you want to do is laundry or clean your room. And once Pac-10's start I live out of my suitcase because every other week we travel and we wear the same exact things every weekend (one dress up outfit, sweats, and practice gear). I really need Danka to come help me clean it because her locker is immaculate. I have never seen such nicely folded clothes in my life- and it is always like that. Good work Danka.

We are looking forward to another good weekend of volleyball. We get to play four matches in three days and we are all very excited. It's time to take this show on the road- see ya next week.

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