Quotes from Dirk Koetter's Weekly Media Press Conference

Sept. 5, 2005

Tempe, Ariz. - 'We had too many penalties, 11 penalties is too much. Aggressive penalties are fine but stupid penalties are not, and we had some stupid penalties. Defensively we didn't do a very good job on third downs. 57% [third down conversion] is way below what we are shooting for. We had too many communication errors that will cost us more when we are on the road. We had too many mental errors.

'We played 71 players, and 27 of the guys were first time players. Overall we played very hard, physical and fast. We blocked the tackles very well. We only had four or five missed tackles for the whole game. Our defense forced three turnovers, which will helps us win games. Our offense converted 64% on third downs, which is a huge number.

'We gave game balls to Keegan Herring on offense, Maurice London on Defense and Jesse Ainsworth for an awesome performance on special teams. An additional captain for the LSU game will be Maurice London. As far as LSU goes, with us playing a game and LSU not playing a game, you can take that two ways. From a timing stand point, to get the kinks out was an advantage to us. We had a chance to work on some stuff that a first game brings. The disadvantage to us, when they got their North Texas game cancelled, is we really don't know what exactly they are going to do. They have a conglomeration of three different coaching staffs. We really don't have great film to go off of for LSU. That is not fun. We prefer to know more about what they are going to do. This will be a fun week for our players. They have had this date circled for a long time. We are going against one of the best teams in the country. And we are looking forward to it.'

On Hurricane Katrina being a distraction:'We have no choice and all we have to go on is what we see on TV. That's a terrible situation. Our players watch TV like you and I do. We had a group go to Baton Rouge, La. yesterday. Assistant athletic director Tom Collins, football operations Tom Kleinlein, Chief Pickens and a member of his DPS staff went to see what Baton Rouge was like first hand. There is no question that the tragedy is a distraction for both teams, but especially for LSU.'

On the difficulty of studying LSU film:'That's where the internet comes in handy. We kind of have to go on what we get. You are never quite sure. We have to weigh all the factors out and study the film that best resembles what they are going to do.'

On LSU's trio of running backs:'It is going to take much more than our front line to contain their run. It is going to take all 11 guys. They have three great running backs, but one of them is out for the game. They still have two excellent running backs left for the game. But you can't totally focus on that; they have three great wide receivers and an excellent tight end as well. They have a talented offensive line. Taking away the run is going to be a challenge for our whole defense. Our linebackers and safeties are going to be very involved.'

On Keller's performance against Temple:'After I looked at the film, I think our defense played better than I thought they did then when I was at the game. And I thought the offense played worse then I thought they did, especially our offense in the passing game. When we do well and do badly, our quarterback is going to get most of the credit or blame.

'Sam was not as sharp as he usually practices. Some of the things that didn't look very good to you or to me were not Sam's fault. We had receivers guess on a couple of plays and they guessed wrong, which is disappointing to me. There is no need to guess against a team like Temple. I thought Sam made some great throws. The second touchdown pass to Hagan was a beautiful throw, his best pass of the night. The touch down pass to Jamaal Lewis was also an excellent throw. Those are the kind of passes Sam is throwing everyday.'

On ASU's young defensive line:'I didn't know how long Kyle Caldwell was going to go in the game. I think we played 13 defensive linemen in the game and all of them did some nice things. I think that might be the way that we have to go with this group. We might not have any dominating players besides Jordan Hill and Kyle Caldwell, but if we keep rolling guys through the there, that might be the way it shapes up this year.'

On LSU's Defensive End and Defensive Tackle:'I think their front four is loaded. They have three guys back. Their whole defense can run and they have seven starters back on defense. I would compare their defense with the best we've played, in the category of USC and Iowa last year. We are watching their players play in a scheme they are not playing in any more. You can watch them to see how athletic they are, but they aren't going to be playing the same defense anymore with a different defensive coordinator. You can expect an excellent defense out of LSU.

On Scouting:'You can do a lot of scouting. We have a lot of film from Oklahoma State last year. The problem is, LSU's coach doesn't have either one of his coordinators from last year. I don't think studying LSU film or Oklahoma State film is the best thing to do.'

On Maurice London:'We brought Maurice in a year ago out of junior college, thinking we needed him to step in and start opposite of Riccardo Stewart as a safety. That was before we knew how well Emmanuel Franklin was going to play. Maurice ended up playing in the shadows of the two players last year. This year, Maurice's confidence is at an all time high. He is a smart football player. He knows the defense, and makes a lot of the calls out there. Maurice is the type of guy when he's playing with confidence he is playing at his best.'

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