Tedford Previews Washington State Game

Oct. 18, 2005

BERKELEY - Quotes from head coach Jeff Tedford's weekly news conference on Tuesday, Oct. 18. The Golden Bears host Washington State Saturday with kickoff set for 7:15 p.m. at Memorial Stadium. The game will be televised nationally by FSN and can be heard on the Cal Football Radio Network (Flagship: KGO AM 810, San Francisco).

Can you talk about what Washington State has done to enjoy big leads?
'They have done great things. They are very explosive on offense, have a great running back and throw the ball very well. They bring big-play potential with them. I think they play really solid on defense, too.'

What makes WSU explosive on offense?
'They have a very good receiving core, their running back is very quick, catches the ball well, hits the hole hard, has great balance. They are multiple and can spread you out; they can run it at you. They do a nice job schematically. I think offensively they stay pretty healthy in their field positions. The quarterback is coming on very nicely as well.'

How much have they changed since 2002 when Mike Price was there and Jason Gesser was the quarterback?
'Not much. It's the same offensive coordinator. They do run some two back from time to time offensively, which they didn't do any back then that I can recall.'

How do their receivers and running backs compare to others in the conference?
'They're as explosive as we've played. They are as balanced as any body with big numbers in both passing and running.'

Is Michael Bumpus (WSU) as explosive as Maurice Drew from UCLA?
'Yeah he is dangerous; there is no question that he is dangerous. He is a very good player. All the guys who return kicks in this conference are real good players. You have to make sure you corral them or they can hurt you.'

If WSU watched the film they could have noticed that Oregon State hurt you with a certain run, do you expect to be tested early by WSU this week?
'Yeah, it's very similar to the runs that they run as well. There is no doubt about it that they got us on a couple runs off the edge. We'll do a better job of playing it, I'm sure. We did a nice job, at times, playing it last week, but they stayed pretty patient with it and kept running it and made a couple plays on it.'

Have you noticed a pattern of why teams are able to come back on you?
'No,not really. I just think that it comes down to making plays and working together as a team. In order to do that, you have to be playing together offensively and defensively and on special teams. If the offense goes three and out and the defense gives up a couple plays, it just goes hand in hand.'

Talk about Brandon Mebane's injury and that contributing to taking blockers away from linemen:
'There is no question that he is a force in there and makes a lot of plays in the interior. I don't know if it would have been any different if he were in there, but history said that he's a force when he's in there. I think people have great respect for him and you put a true freshman in there (instead).'

Can you talk about what you are working on right now with the quarterback Joe Ayoob?
'Confidence more than anything. Fundamental mechanics we talk about every day, but to be consistently confident and cut it loose and don't be afraid to make a mistake. Throw the ball with authority, which is probably more of a mental thing than anything he could do physically.'

How does Joe see the field?
'Pretty well, really. We have been real fortunate that he hasn't turned the ball over that much. The other day one of the interceptions was just a poor decision and he got hit as he tried to throw it and that was a poor decision to even throw it. But seeing the field -- he has done a pretty good job of going to the right guy and that is a good thing. He doesn't throw in the coverage a lot, he is throwing to the right guy and that is very encouraging.'

Can you talk about his interceptions last weekend?
'He kind of got hit as he was throwing. One was a poor decision by a receiver to be where he was and Joe was trying to find him and throw it to him. That was a poor decision to try and make the play there. But really he hasn't been intercepted that much.'

How can you tell when a quarterback is not confident?
'I think Joe trusts where he is going with the ball, it may be the situation of just trying to be too perfect and pressing to make a play. That is where he has to get to the point, consistently. You are making the right reads, let it rip. I'm not sure it's a confidence thing, but maybe trying to do too much. Trying to make things right, trying to make it perfect, trying to make plays, where if he would just relax and let it happen naturally, it would be more consistent.'

Is Joe still adjusting to playing at this level?
'I think he is still making adjustments and that will continue. Most players, no matter how long you have been playing, each game there are learning opportunities. Each week out it's a different defense, maybe a different speed of the game, a different game plan that you are trying to implement. He is trying to learn how to do that and he is doing a really nice job of handling the offense now and the huddle, he's gotten more comfortable with that. I think our offense is predicated a little more on progression reading and being sound with your decision making, than run around make a play type of thing.'

Can you talk about Marshawn Lynch's confidence level after a couple of turnovers last week?
'Marshawn will be fine, it was just a day when he was having a tough time and we really couldn't risk having it happen again. I was really pleased with Marshawn's attitude yesterday of working hard in practice. I really look forward to a great week of practice for him. He's not going to be shook up by that.'

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