Quotes From Derek Hagan's Press Conference

Oct. 31, 2005

On the change at quarterback to Rudy Carpenter:
'It all comes down to Rudy being in the film room. When we had the bye week, the coaches asked him to stay in town so that he could study and make sure that he knew everything that was going on in our offense. It's all paying off for him now. Once we get on the field, we are all out there executing, getting the job done.'


'It doesn't affect the game too much, but it is great to have a quarterback in the game that can run and take off when he is about to get sacked. The corners may come up to chase him and that's when we can take off and throw the ball over their heads. We have to make sure we're aware so that when he's scrambling, we can scramble with him.


On the game with WSU:

'It's another opportunity to play another game. We are sitting at 4-4 and we want to get that fifth win. We have to come out playing like we did last week and make sure to get the job done.'


On earning the win against Washington:

'It brought us back and boosted our confidence. That three game losing streak was very tough for us. Guys didn't know what was going on or where our team was at after those losses and we kept fighting and fighting, but we weren't coming away with any victories. After Saturday's game, it just feels good to come out of there with a win and to have everyone on the same page again.


'We had to make sure that we were executing. The other thing was not committing silly penalties. Its something that had been killing us, committing them in critical downs of the game. The main thing we were doing on offense was executing.'


On Sam Keller:

'His mindset now is to help Rudy out. He knows that he is done for the season ,but he's going to do what he has to do to make sure Rudy knows what he's doing out there.'


On the team's airing of the grievances:

'It helped. A lot of guys had a lot of things on their minds last week and some of them stepped up and said what they needed to say. They got everything out there and the coaches boiled it down to seven main things. We came away with a good outcome.


'You want to criticize each other, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. The key is to let the other players know that they are doing something wrong to help correct it. I liken to being a mentor to them so that they know that's its wrong and we can move past it. Hopefully they will make the corrections and not repeat the mistakes again.'


 On leadership:

'Rudy has to take on that role now. He is the starter and he is in the huddle. He has to make sure that he knows what everyone is doing in the huddle, line and receivers. That is one of the main things is to make sure he knows everything.


'He has really progressed, but it comes down to hard work. He has put in the work and the time and it shows by what he can do on the field.'


On not making a BCS bowl and having to readjust goals:

'It was very rough. We had to make sure to keep our heads up and keep playing. We know we have a great team and obviously our record is not a reflection of that at 4-4. We have three games left and we definitely believe we can win the next three and finish at 7-4.'


On Washington's defensive scheme:

'They were double- and triple-covering me all day and letting the other receivers run up and down the field. That is one of the things that we need. Our other guys need to step up and take advantage of that, make the plays. That left Matt Miller single-covered all night and he stepped up and made plays.'


On the difference of playing without Jamaal Lewis:

'It's a big difference ,because he was playing well. He was stretching the middle of the field for us and opening up things. Its great when you have two tight ends in at the same time that are a receiver threat, so we'll miss him. But we still have Zach Miller. He knows what he is doing and he was an All-American last year and he's doing great things for us.'




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