Quotes From Dirk Koetter's Monday Press Conference

Oct. 31, 2005

Tempe, Ariz. - Opening Statement'I want to start by talking about injuries. I don't talk about injuries, not because I don't want the fans or the media to know. I don't talk about injuries because I don't want our opponents to know. The NFL has a policy that is very clear cut that all the teams have to abide by. Teams have an injury list stating whether an athlete is probable or questionable. College doesn't have a list. I understand our media and fans want to know, but I don't think its good for our team to have all of our bumps and bruises to be known out there. Teams go after guys that are hurt. When they know what their injuries are they try to make them worse. There is a lot of stuff going on at the bottom of the pile. I'm trying to protect our players and I think I owe it to our team not to talk about injuries.

We are excited about how our guys played after the Washington game. We kept battling. It always comes down to the same statistics. We were plus four in turnovers, which is huge. They set up points for us. We converted 67 percent on third downs. We played well in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line. We gave game balls to Rudy Carpenter on offense, he was also named Pac-10 player of the week. We gave a game ball to Josh Golden on defense in his first start at safety. Josh will stay at safety. We gave a game ball to Terry Richardson on special teams. Terry Richardson continues to do a great job.

As far as Washington State goes, until this USC game, they've played all of their opponents very tough. They had all of their teams on the ropes and lost some tough games at the end.

All of our players see the doctor this afternoon so I won't know about injuries until then. Andrew Carnahan has the best chance of being back this week.'

On college instituting NFL injury policy:'As long as it's an even playing field for everyone I think we can all live with that. If you follow the NFL there has been a little more controversy this year about how some teams are working around that. I'm not really familiar with it, except that teams use the same language. If we can figure out a way to do instant replay in college football we can find a way to do an injury list. That would work for everybody.'

On Chad Christensen being the back up quarterback:'Chad has been in the game a lot on special teams. During the second half he has been backing up Moey Mutz as the inside receiver when we go three wides. I think we are going to have to pull him out of that. It's pretty risky having your only other quarterback, besides a freshman, playing on special teams. Chad is going to be spending most of his time as quarterback from here on out. Chad knows our offense very well. I'm really confident on what Chad can do.'

On Kyle Caldwell:'In this last game, I thought Kyle Caldwell had his best game of the season. Kyle has had a difficult season from an injury standpoint and hasn't been able to practice very much. Kyle is just now getting to the place where we thought he could be and would be. Kyle really threw his body around out there, and had a couple really nice plays.'

On ASU's Defensive Line:'After looking at the tape we need to do a better job of rotating our defensive lineman. I think a couple of those guys are wearing down a little bit. We are going to address those things at practice this week.'

On Saturday's win boosting moral:'Any win helps any team, when you've lost three in a row. The hardest thing is when a team has very high expectations for themselves as does our fans. Then you lose three games in a row and some of our goals are out the window due to mathematics. The players due pay attention to the media and the chat room and it wears on them. When guys get back to doing the little things right and do it consistently and they see the reward and the pay off. That's how they get back on track.'

On team leadership:'From the inside, this is the deepest group of seniors we've had. I can't say enough positive things about them. Look at Grayling Love, he's up for the Draddy Award. We have good kids. When you face adversity, as great of players and as good of leaders, some kids just aren't willing to stand up and criticize their teammates when their teammates need to be criticized. That's not an easy thing to do. We still have some guys doing that. We encourage all of our players to speak up. The whole leadership thing is delicate. We talked to the team about getting our swagger back because we had definitely lost it. These are good kids. We are working with them all the time. I'm very pleased at how they've bounced back. But this is an ongoing process.'

On recruiting Rudy Carpenter:'I made a decision to offer Rudy a scholarship before he was even at Westlake. I was watching the film of Newberry Park, Rudy's former school, v. Westlake and I kept asking his coach who is that guy, who is that QB. He just got a big smile on his face. He said, `I think that kid might transfer here.' He did transfer and went 15-0 on Westlake's team. I made my decision the day I saw him as a junior. The thing that sold me was Rudy's ability to scramble and throw on the run and his ability to make plays. It was a battle between us and several other schools to see who was going to get him. Rudy was criticized very strongly in spring ball. He didn't play as well in the scrimmages as he did in practice. No player on our team worked harder in the film room this off-season than Rudy Carpenter.'

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