Coach Lorenzo Romar Press Conference Quotes

Lorenzo Romar Press Conference
Monday, Dec. 27, 2005
Bank of America Arena Media Room

On Health of Team:
'I think we have some nicks and bruises, but with the exception of Harvey we are all pretty healthy'

On Return of Harvey Perry:
'We would like to see him, in fact, tomorrow he is being looked at again to get a current evaluation, and we are hoping after that he can start to get into shape and do some rehabilitation work.'

On Mike Jensen's Rehabilitation and Return:
'They did a great job with Mike, for him to be able to come back and not only not be concerned about his shoulder, but to be in the condition that he is in. He is not in great condition, but he played thirteen minutes the other night and functioned pretty well within those thirteen minutes.'

On Outside Distractions and Pressures:
'When you are outside of this team you look for reasons why we may not do well or why we may do well, those questions come up. But, within our camp those questions do not come up. We don't talk about Arizona vs. Arizona State, we don't talk about Duke vs. Baylor. We talk about each drill, we talk about each practice. You don't overlook any of them, you don't overlook anything, you get out on the floor, and your standard way of doing things is to be intense and put forth the effort. You are human and you listen and you read, and you hear that maybe you are supposed to do that, and guard against that. But in our practices that is not what we talk about.'

On Friday's Win Over Lehigh:
'As I said after the game, it was a great game for us. When you look at the scores from our league, teams that are playing against teams that the experts say are supposed to win. We didn't score a lot of points, but neither did they, we won a game by 17. We didn't play particularly well, that is true, but I guarantee there will be some more games this year where we don't play well. The important thing is that we took care of business, in spite of not playing well.'

On Playing a Slow Paced Game:
'That is an aspect of the game that you have to be able to do. We haven't been forced to do it very much in the preseason. In three games we have been forced to do that: against Air Fore, New Mexico and Lehigh. Lehigh did the best job of it, and Air Force did the second best job of it. This is a weakness, as we go on we may find another weakness, but that is part of the game.'

On Playing Many Games in a Short Period of Time:
'We are certainly prepared to play a lot of games in a short amount of time. Because we did that the first few weeks of the season..'

On Jon Brockman:
'I think, if you remember, after the first few games I talked about how freshmen sometimes, if they are really talented, can come out like gangbusters. They have to learn to play through a scout. I guarantee his name wasn't as big on their dry board as it is now. After what he has done, and what he has accomplished, all of a sudden Jon Brockman becomes a threat that has to be limited. Freshmen have to learn to play through a scout. They have to make those adjustments themselves. I have seen it, I think I mentioned Charles O'Bannon's freshmen year at UCLA. All of a sudden the talk was that he was going to come out after one year, but then teams started to scout him, they took away his strengths. But, by the end of the year he was playing great again. He went through a period where had to adjust. When you say numbers, that makes more sense than poor play. Because I don't think he has played poorly, but he hasn't gotten the numbers. You remember two games ago he had numbers, he had a double double. Maybe someone else, but I'm not concerned about Jon Brockman.'

On Arizona State Without Ike Diogu:
'The Kruger's right now are the meat and potatoes of that team, in terms of scoring. With Ike Diogu those guys played around Ike, and rightfully so. Ike Diogu, to me, was the toughest player to do deal with since Shareef Abdur-Rahim was a freshman in college.'

On Freshmen Play Coming Into Pac-10:
'We expect them to compete, and do business as usual. Freshmen nowadays make mistakes, sometimes they forget what you are doing conceptually, because they just got here. But, in terms of the intensity going up and the crowds being there, they have been through a lot. Freshmen nowadays have been through all kinds of basketball, granted not exactly, they haven't played at Arizona in front of a sellout crowd, or in the Pit at Oregon when it is a sellout crowd. We like our freshmen and we expect them to do really well and compete at a high level.'

On Justin Dentmon:
'When we recruited Justin Dentmon, we recruited him to be an impact player his freshman year. When you recruit someone and they come in and do what you hoped they could do, now whether he would be starting and all of that we didn't know that, but we recruited him as a freshman to come in and play. What he has done is embrace that opportunity and he has done really well. But of the things he has been doing now, I will tell you what is surprising, his ability to make the transition from a scoring point guard to efficiently running the team the way he has. Because he had been counted on to score so much, he never really had to run it this way. He would have the ball in his hands but it was more to score, he would pass too. But he has made a great adjustment, his assist-turnover ratio is great, he is second in the Pac-10 in assists. That has been very gratifying this year.'

On Conference Play:
'It is different because teams are so familiar with you. You talk about freshmen forgetting what they are supposed to do sometimes, if they forget the opposition will tell them sometimes, `you are supposed to go to the corner when your team calls that play'. They scout us, and they know where we are going to go. They are so familiar with you, if you are predominantly a right handed player, they are going to take away that right hand. If you like to turn to your left shoulder on the block, they are going to take that away. That is what makes it more difficult when you get to conference play.'

On Possibility of Being Overrated:
'I have said all along that we didn't set out for the schedule to be the way it has been. At the same time, the way it turned out it has been perfect for our team. Last year's schedule, with this year's team, we sure wouldn't be ranked this high. We would not be 10-0, it would surprise me if we were 10-0. That was a difficult schedule last year. This team is still a work in progress. We are not the veteran team that we had last year. Last year there were times in games that we could call a play that we hadn't run all year. But we ran it two years ago, and our guys would know it. We hadn't even worked on it, but the situation would call for it, so we would bring it out of the archives and use it. That is not the case with this year's team. They are still a work in progress, and I think the schedule we have played has helped us gain a little confidence in spite of that.'

On How Arizona State Will Play the Huskies:
'I'm not sure, I know that every time in the three years that we have been here and played Arizona State, it has been a physical war. Coach Evans and his staff, they come in here and we go to Tempe, there have been some standoffs some hard fouls, and some jawing back and forth. They don't back down, I expect a physical hard fought game because they are going to play with a lot of intensity. Whether that will be up-tempo or not I am not sure, but they are going to come at us.'

On Why Arizona State Matchup is So Physical:
'I think we try to play with a lot of intensity, and I think Arizona State tries to play with a lot of intensity. If two teams play that way, quite naturally that is how it is going to end up. I think a lot of teams in the conference pack it in, they play solid defense. But Arizona State comes out and gets you. If we were in the same league with UAB, those games would be intense physical games.'

On Pac-10's Non-Conference Record:
'There have been weird losses, that is for sure. I don't really know what to make of those. I also think some teams have done better than people might say. We could focus on the weird losses, but no one mentions the North Carolina-USC game. Washington State's record is 7-2, or 8-2 they are doing much better than expected. UCLA's record is 10-1, and they went on the road and beat Michigan, and not much mention has been made of that.'

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