Transcript from Coach Koetter's Signing Day Press Conference

Feb. 1, 2006

Opening Statement: 

'I want to thank the coaching staff for their hard work.  Today is the culmination of their hard work, a lot of running around and chasing after these guys.  It is a big part of being a coach these days.  Overall we signed 24 guys, nine Junior College transfers and 15 freshmen.  We have to put plus Mike Nixon on things.  He has to be labeled something different because of his affiliation with baseball. 


I think this class addressed our immediate needs on defense.  Of those nine junior college guys, six are on defense.  We have ten new faces on defense that are older than sophomore year in college.   Hopefully they can come in and help right away.  In our freshman class, it is hard to recruit defensive tackles and we have two amazing d-tackles in Jon Hargis and Zach Niusulu.  We have five linebackers, including four freshman line-backers.  On the offensive side, I think the highlight of this class is the three running backs.  We have three big time running backs. 


We only signed one offensive lineman.  We have seven guys on our team who have started on the offensive line.  We also have four red shirt freshmen, plus we have Julius Orieukwu, Paul Fanaika, and we signed Saia Falahola.  We really have 14 offensive linemen on our team.  As a staff we had to make a decision, did we want to go on an o-line man who wouldn't help us for a couple years, and pass up some of these players on defense?  We just felt we couldn't pass on some of the guys we got.  We are going to make the offensive line a higher priority for next year.'


Chris Baloney              CB       Jr.

'We signed this guy a year ago.  He ended up using a redshirt.  He is from Houston, Texas.  He played for the same high school coach as Jamar Williams and Chad Lindsey.  He was rated high as a corner.  He is here working out and at school.  He has got a chance to help us out right now.'


Jeff Bereuter   LB        Fr.

'Ted Monachino brought in the film of Jeff Bereuter to show Bill Miller and I last spring.  Bill and I were like, `Wow, if we could get linebackers like that recruited on our team, how fired up would we be?'  Here we are, he is signing with the Sun Devils.  We like this guy he is tall, and can run and he can hit.'


Brantwon Bowser        DB       Fr.

'He is the top DB in the state of Arizona.  He is out of Maryvale HS.  Brantwon was an early commit to us last summer.  He is very fast.  He has the perfect size for a big corner back that can run.  We are excited about the things he is going to do here.'


Lance Evbuomwan     TE       Fr.

'Lance is a great story.  This guy is 6'4, 235, and is 16 years old.  He has huge hands and feet.  This kid is going to be huge.  He reminds me of a Jamaal Lewis type player, but he is going to be much bigger.  Jamaal is in his 3rd year of college is only 225, this kid is 235.  He plays in the slot a lot like Jamaal does.  He is the only tight end in our class.  USC put in a hard charge at the end to come in and steal Lance.  Lance and his family were true to their word and stuck with the Sun Devils.  Those are the type of guys you want on your team.'


Alex Fa'agai   DE       Jr.

'He is a junior college kid from Foothill Junior College.  Alex was committed to another school for the longest time.  The thing we like about Alex is that he can play primarily end but he can also play inside.  We have some pretty good defensive ends of you look at our roster.  We have already talked to him about possibly red shirting him his first year and then having two years left.  We are confident with what he can do.  He is a great guy and we are excited to have Alex on our team.'


Saia Falahola  OL       Fr.

'The best thing I can say about him, undefeated football team, number one in the state, and he was first team all state in Texas.  I should have to say too much else about that.  I'm real excited about this guy.  He blocked for a 3,000-yard rusher.' 


Rodney Glass TB         Fr.

'We didn't know if we could get in on him. I'll tell you who is excited like us, our track program.  This guy ran a 10.43-100 meters last year.  He is the fourth fastest returning track guy in high school this year.  This guy can fly.  He is a Rudy Burgess type guy.  He is probably faster than Rudy.  I think he can play either tailback or wide receiver.  He wants to be a tail back and that's where he is going to start.'  


Travis Goethel              LB      Fr.

'He was San Diego defensive player of the year.  Travis played on the same high school team as Thomas Alteri.  Thomas was instrumental along with Coach Fiddler in getting Travis to come out here and join us.  This guy was the star of the Cal/Florida All-Star Game.  His stock sky rocketed.  Everyone in the state was talking about him.  He is another guy who survived a late charge by USC and stuck with us.  We are real happy to get him.'


Jon Hargis       DL       Fr.

'John has lost weight.  We was at about 305 and now he is down to about 285.  If you watch his film from the end of the year, this guy has improved his quickness.  He is light on his feet for a guy that size.  He has Sun Devil blood in him.  His whole family went to ASU.  We can't have enough defensive tackles in our program.  John is going to do a great job in our program.'


Jonathan Johnson       P          Jr.

'He is a punter out of the College of the Canyons.  [The school] had a heck of a year, they made it to the semi-finals in the CaliforniaJunior College play-offs.  Jonathan was a guy who was under the radar.  The recruiting service we do pay attention to is the kicking service because they can work with the players and actually watch them work.  Chris Sailer is a kicking service guy who was a kicker for UCLA and in the pros.   He runs these kicking camps all over the country.  He was raving about this guy.  The thing about Jonathan he is a big guy.  Bigger guys have a tendency to kick a little bit better.  He has a red shirt available.  We need to create better competition among our punts.  If he can't win the job this year, we will red shirt him.'


Garrett Judah LB        Jr.

'He played the last two years out of Butte College.  He is a tall fast guy that can run.  He is an excellent blitzer.  We originally wanted him to get him here in the spring but it didn't work out that way.  We are loyal to our guys and we still wanted to bring Garrett in.'


Ryan McFoy    S          Fr.

'In my opinion, Ryan McFoy is the best defensive back we've recruited at Arizona State since our staff has been here.  I love this guy.  I love this guy as a player.  He is a big hitter.  He could play on offense, defense, he could be a return guy and he could be on all the special teams.  His brother, of course, is the slot receiver for USC.  Everyone thought he was a lock to go to USC.  He liked us from the beginning, but we just had to wait it out.  I think this guy has a huge future at ASU.'


Gerald Munns             LB        Fr.

'He is another guy who came on late in the season.  He has never lifted weights because he has been a basketball player up until this year.  They have that big Army All-Star game in San Antonio which is supposedly by all those experts, the top 100 players in the nation.  They have another All-Star game in Shreveport for the supposed next 100 best players.  Gerald played in that game in Shreveport and was the defensive MVP of the game.  His room mate was Saia Falahola.  They hit it off.  Gerald was already committed and helped get Saia out here.  We are excited about the things he can bring to our program.'


Dimitri Nance             TB        Fr.

'This has received a lot of awards this year.  The easiest way to boil it down, think of all the good running backs that have come out of the state of Texas and there have only been two in the history of 5A football that have rushed for over 3,000 yards.  Cedric Benson and Dimitri Nance.  Ted Monachino got on him early.  A lot of people were not on him his junior year, then he just blew it up as a senior.  This guy is the real deal.  Never fumbles.  Great attitude.  He wants the ball in his hands at all time.  We are very fired up about him.'


Zach Niusulu               DT       Fr.

'He was our first commit in the class, clear back last spring during Junior Day.  This guy committed, its been a long and bumpy road hold on to this kid.  Everyone is taking shots at this guy.  His older brother played way back on UCLA's defensive line.  He comes from a very athletic family.  We think this guy has a chance to be a real good player in the middle of the defense.'


Troy Nolan      S          Jr.

'He is already here in our program.  When watched this guy play and practice, I loved this guy as a player and a hitter.  He has already made an impact just in the few times I've gotten to see our guys in the weight room.  This kid has got that special something that separates him from guys that are just out there from guys that make it.  He is not as big as Zach Catanese last year, but he maybe a little bit more mobile.  If he can have the same impact that Zach did, we are going to be much better off.'


Angelo Richardson      WR       Jr.

'Angelo is the most exciting wide receiver we've had here since Shawn McDonald.  I mean no disrespect to Derek Hagan.  I'm a huge Derek Hagan fan.  This guy can light it up.  Everyone in the country was on him.  He had huge number and could have gone anywhere.  He wanted to play with Sam Keller, who was his high school quarterback for one year at San Ramon.  That was the key.  Sure we were recruiting him, but he wanted to play with Sam Keller.  We were fortunate enough to get this guy.'


Jamarr Robinson         LB        Fr.

'This guy is a stud.  He is a big time play.  He can run and hit.  Another guy that a lot of school took a big shot at during the season.  He hung with us.  We weren't sure about it.  That says a lot about his character.  Of all the freshman linebackers, they are all good, watch for this guy to come in and have a chance to play real early.'


Danny Sullivan            QB       Fr.

'He is a tall skinny kid who is a late bloomer.  He is a strong arm guy.  Danny is the right fit at quarterback for what we need right now.  We need a guy to bring in here that we can develop.  He can learn from Sam [Keller], Rudy [Carpenter] and Roy Wittke and soak it up a little bit.  His high school coach also coached Trent Edwards, the quarterback from Stanford this year, and says Danny compares very favorably to Trent Edwards at the same stage.  Anyone who watched Trent Edwards would love to take him and develop him in a heart beat.  Danny is bright young guy and really fits the mold of what we are looking for in a QB.'


Martin Tevaseu           DT       So.

'His high school football team had 13 players.  This guy was all-world in baseball, basketball and football.  He goes to Santa Rosa and after the first year he figures out he's pretty good.  They decide to let him go.  This guy is a man.  Can you have too many good defensive tackles.'


Ryan Torain                TB        Jr.

'We saw Ryan on film last spring, we said look, we are going to eventually need to move Rudy [Burgess] to wide out because that's what he wants, this is before we knew how good Keegan [Herring] was going to be, we decided to get on junior college tail back.  I love this kid, I love his attitude, and I love his durability.  This guy will come and give Keegan all he wants at this tail back position.'


Justin Tryon    CB       Jr.       

'He is here right now going to school.  He was rated very highly.  He is a little guy but stocky.  He is put together well.  He played on all the special teams.  I love this guy when I watched him practice.  This guy was relentless.  He did not let his guy catch one ball in a three hour practice.  These guys practice so long I thought I was going to fall asleep out there.  I'm very impressed at how well he's already adapted to our program.  He will definitely compete for playing time right off the bat.'


Jermaine Williams       DE       Fr.

'He is the most highly decorated player in the Phoenix metro area this year.  He is all everything.  He's played in the back field, he's played middle line backer, he's played defense.  The comparisons are inevitable for him and Terrell Suggs.  He is bigger than Terrell outside of high school.  He committed to us last summer and we are really happy to have him.'


Kyle Williams              WR       Fr.

'Kyle was very under the radar to start this season because he was hurt all last year.  Kyle immediately reminded me of Sean McDonald.  As a kick returner, out of the backfield, he was such an explosive player.  A lot of people chose him as the Player of the Year in Arizona.  This guy is exciting.  Kyle is going to be a great addition.'


Mike Nixon                 S          Fr.

'Mike has been out of football for three years.  He has been playing baseball with the Dodgers.  I finally got Mike to be a Sun Devil.  I told him he could be the next Jake Plummer and I scared him into signing with UCLA.  It took him three and half years to get him back here.  I'm very fired up about getting Mike in our program.  He wants to start off as a safety.' 


We liked this class.  The whole staff worked hard.


On the ranking of the recruiting class...

'Every coach is going to get up here and say, `This is the greatest class on earth.'  They have to get here and they have to play.  I think they really addressed our needs especially on defense.  How they rank when they get here, I really don't know right now.'


On the importance of Koetter's contract extension...

'Parents want to know that you are going to be there for them.  We sat in everyone one of these homes that we could guarantee we would be there.  I think it helped.'


On the focal point of the recruiting class...

'It is so hard to single on player out [as the best in the recruiting class].  I don't believe in doing that stuff.  These guys are good players in their own right.  Defensive tackles don't get any publicity, but we've had a tough time recruiting defensive lineman here.  But, we are sitting here with Jermaine Williams, Zach Niusulu, John Hargis, Martin Tevaseu, and Alex Fa'agai.'

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