Lorenzo Romar Press Conference Quotes

On the team's lack of intensity in losses:

'Forty minutes of intensity. Maybe guys are playing too long minutes or maybe subconsciously we get content with the lead. Whatever it is, we definitely have to do a better job of playing forty minutes.'

Is the onus on the senior leadership?:

'I think it's on everyone. Point to me first before you go to the senior leadership. The staff and me being the head coach have to find a way to make sure that we do it. We did it earlier in the year, played 40 minutes, but there are times we haven't.'

On changes in the starting lineup:

'I'm not entirely sure what will happen on Thursday and I probably won't know until Thursday. We're looking at a lot of film, and re-evaluating. We are just trying to figure everything out right now. I would say Jon (Brockman) and Brandon (Roy) will start on Thursday night. You try to find out what it is you're missing. If a person is strong-willed he is going to bust his butt when you take him out of the starting lineup. He is going to raise his level of play. There is not going to be a major overhaul.'

On the team's late arrival Saturday at Washington State due to a cancelled flight:

'That would be great to use that. We got it at 1:30 in the morning. We can't go there. We have to play.'

On intensity being a skill or whether it can be coached:

'I think some of it is a skill and some of it is accountability and what you are allowed to get away with. I say that I have to take the responsibility, but I don't say that as a knock on me or my staff. It's just something that all around the country teams are trying to get done. The last couple of years we've done a pretty good job of that. And I think a lot of the time this year we've done a pretty good job. But, at some time we haven't.'

On the inexperience and lack of depth of the team:

'We were bringing Tre (Simmons) and Brandon (Roy) off the bench, along with Hakeem (Rollins) and Jamaal (Williams). We probably had a little more depth last year. I would say Joel (Smith) was probably the only guy that was new. We had more seasoned depth last year as opposed to this year. Which could point to our inconsistency as of late. Guys before had been through a lot and they were an experienced group. There was a feeling last year because we won 12 of 13 games down the stretch in conference the year before, that there is no situation we can get in that we can't overcome. You just have that feeling because most guys had been through it. This group collectively has not been through that.'

On sophomore Joel Smith:

'If you look at last year, you had Nate (Robinson) with the ball in his hand quite a bit who could make plays. And Will (Conroy) with the ball in his hands and Brandon, and Joel was able to play off those guys. This year there is an adjustment on his part where he has been in more positions to make decisions with the basketball. And just like earlier about Jon Brockman and Justin Dentmon making those adjustments, I think this year is probably an adjustment year for Joel.

Who is your second best player beside Brandon Roy at getting his own shot?:

'Probably Justin Dentmon. He hasn't been asked to do that as much. We had more guys last year that could make plays with the basketball. Not necessarily get their own shot, but make plays.'

Do you feel like you can turn this around?

'Yes. I am very optimistic. I think that if the issue is us bearing down and just focusing for 40 minutes, then lets go do it. The first half of the Stanford game, we jumped out to a 10 or 12 point lead and played very well. If you're in a tailspin you don't do that. You get down 13 or 14 in the beginning of the game and you just don't recover. So I don't think we are in a tailspin. We've got to turn it around quickly. There is no reason to panic.'

On Washington State:

'I thought they were pretty physical. Look at Washington State and the games that they've lost. I think Washington State is a much better team than their record indicates. They're a better team than people think.'

On shot selection:

'Our shot selection probably needs to improve. I think our shot selection can get better. I think as a result our percentages will go up.'

On what needs to improve:

'I think our rebounding totals have gone down. We need to get back to where we're really rebounding the ball well and defending for the 40 minutes. And then just being a little more patient offensively.'

On Harvey Perry's status with the back injury:

'We're going to look at him tomorrow (Wednesday) to see if he can start practicing. Maybe next week he can start practicing. If Harvey Perry comes out and he is outplaying people, then he can play. If he comes and is behind and rusty he's not going to play.

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