2006 Pac-10 Wrestling Championships Seeds Announced

Feb. 25, 2006

Stanford, Calif. - Following the coaches' meeting, the seeds for the 2006 Pac-10 Wrestling Championships were announced. Arizona State and Oregon both earned three top seeds (ASU: Jeremy Mendoza - 125, Ryan Bader - 197, Cain Velasquez - HWT; Oregon: Justin Pearch - 133, Joey Braccamonte - 165, Shane Webster -174). Oregon State's brothers Kyle Larson (141) and Jeremy Larson (174) also earned top seeds, while Stanford's Josh Zupancic (149) and Boise State's Ben Cherrington (157) were also awarded top seeds.

Competition will begin tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. with the pigtails an quarterfinals. Session two will begin at 6 p.m. tomorrow with the semifinals and consolations. Monday's action will also start at 11 a.m., with the consolation rounds, including the third and fifth-place matches. The finals are set to begin at 6 p.m. All competition will be held in Maples Pavilion.

2006 Pac-10 Wrestling Championships
Full Tournament Brackets
Tournament Seeds

125 Pounds:
1. Jeremey Mendoza (Arizona State)
2. Chad Mendez (Cal Poly)
3. Eric Stevenson (Oregon State)
4. Tanner Gardner (Stanford)
5. Beau Malia (Oregon)
6. Cory Fish (Boise State)

133 Pounds
1. Justin Pearch (Oregon)
2. Darrell Vasquez (Cal Poly)
3. Scott Jorgensen (Boise State)
4. Bobby Pfennings (Oregon State)
5. Tommy Vargas (Cal State Bakersfield)
6. Omar Gaitan (UC Davis)

141 Pounds
1. Kyle Larson (Oregon State)
2. Derek Moore (UC Davis)
3. Matt Schumm (Cal State Bakersfield)
3. David Roberts (Cal Poly)
4. Skyler Woods (Oregon)
6. Teddy Astorga (Cal State Fullerton)

149 Pounds
1. Josh Zupancic (Stanford )
2. Anthony Baza (Cal State Bakersfield)
3. Tyler Sherfey (Boise State)
4. Jeff Owens (Cal Poly)
5. Pat Payne (Arizona State)
6. Morgan Atkinson (Cal State Fullerton)

157 Pounds
1. Ben Cherrington (Boise State)
2. Brian Stith (Arizona State)
3. Tony Hook (Oregon State)
4. Scott Loescher (Stanford)
5. Shawn Reilly (Cal State Fullerton)
6. Ryan Williams (Cal Poly)

165 Pounds
1. Ray Blake (Stanford)
2. Joey Bracamonte (Oregon)
3. Pat Pitsch (Arizona State)
3. Frank Richmond (UC Davis)
5. Brian Busby (Cal State Bakersfield)
6. Risto Marttinen (Cal State Fullerton)

174 Pounds
1. Jeremy Larson (Oregon State)
2. Ken Cook (UC Davis)
3. Christian Arellano (Cal State Bakersfield)
4. Nick Hernandez (Cal Poly)
5. Ian Murphy (Cal State Fullerton)
6. Luke Feist (Stanford)

184 Pounds
1. Shane Webster (Oregon)
2. CB Dollaway (Arizona State)
3. Ryan Halsey (Cal Poly)
4. Tyler Bernacchi (UC Davis)
5. Jesse Taylor (Cal State Fullerton)
6. KC Walsh (Boise State)

197 Pounds
1. Ryan Bader (Arizona State)
2. Matt Monteiro (Cal Poly)
3. Dan Pitsch (Oregon State)
4. Casey Phelps (Boise State)
5. Elliot Kelly (UC Davis)
6. Chris Chambers (Cal State Fullerton)

1. Cain Velasquez (Arizona State)
2. Ty Watterson (Oregon State)
3. Eric Parker (Cal State Bakersfield)
4. Andy Patrick (Boise State)
5. Arturo Basulto (Cal Poly)
6. Chris Dearman (Oregon)