UW's Pac-10 Awards Press Conference Quotes

March 6, 2006

Washington's Pac-10 Awards Press Conference
Bank of America Arena media room
Monday, March 6, 2006

GUARD Brandon Roy
On how he found out:
'I actually missed the phone call because I was in the shower. When I checked the message, as soon as I heard his (UW Athletic Communications Director Dan Lepse) voice, I pretty much knew he was going to say that. I was happy. I think I may have yelled three or four times.'

On what the award means:
'It means a lot. People have asked me what I'd do if I did win the award. I told them that I'd be the most grateful person to ever receive. After receiving it, I still feel the same way. Coming from Garfield, going through a lot of adversity, and to be at this point today, it's an incredible feeling. I'm like a kid in a candy store right now. I'm excited. I'm excited for the program. I think it's all big, our two freshmen on the All-Freshman Team, it's a great season for everybody.'

On what award means to the team:
'It's extremely special. We lost some really good players. Two All-Pac-10 players, to lose those guys, it made us work harder all summer. Justin Dentmon came in with big shoes to fill. Jon Brockman came in as an All American, so he had to come in and be great. I think he did a great job of living up to his expectations. For seniors, I think me, Bobby (Jones), Jamaal (Williams), Mike (Jensen), we had to lead all summer and all winter and I think we've done a great job of it. It's just a great feeling. There's a long list of Pac-10 Players of the Year and to be considered and to be mentioned with those guys now, I'm speechless. I'm so happy to be a part of that group. I'm proud of my teammates because they put me in a position to win this award.'

On if this was a goal of his:
'It was high. I felt that if I played at a Pac-10 Player of the Year level, then maybe we could win the Pac-10 league. We came short of that, but at the same time, this is special, not only for me, but for my family to see me play as a kid and win awards as a kid and then be Pac-10 Player of the Year, it's an incredible feeling.'

On getting recognition:
'People asked me about my decision to come back. I told them that I wanted to leave out the front door, not out the back. I didn't want to be in the NBA and say, `I could have won Pac-10 Player of the Year, could have won all those things.' To come back and prove to myself that I can be a Pac-10 Player of the Year, to have the chance to be an All-American, and things like that, to come back and prove those goals to myself and to people, I think, is saying a lot. I wanted to go out the front door and have people recognize me. I think I'm getting that recognition now and that means a lot.'

On what won him the award:
'I think the way we finished the season. We went on an eight-game winning streak when people said that it was going to come down to wins and losses. The guys did a great job down the stretch. We did a great job against guys like Leon Powe, Matt Haryasz, and Hassan Adams and these were guys that I was in contention with. And we did a great job with them. I think it really just came down to wins and losses and we did a great job down the stretch of winning all our games. It was a total team effort.'

On style of play being recognized:
'People called me and said they read stories about me and heard good things, so to hear that is good news. Sometimes I can do things that people say go unrecognized or overlooked, but to finally see people recognizing me and saying that the way I play basketball is the right way, it makes me extremely happy. It's cool that people see that I am playing basketball the right way and that you can win awards playing unselfish and getting your team involved. That says a lot and means a lot that recognition is finally being given.'

On All-American status:
'I would vote for J.J. Redick or Adam Morrison for Player of the Year, but after that I think I'm on that list of guys following those two. To see so many people recognizing me now is saying a lot. Fans in Washington have always loved me and appreciated me, but now to see that expand and see some East Coast writers saying good things about me and having people pay closer attention to me, I think that's saying a lot. So to be mentioned with those guys, that's special.'

On who helped him the most:
'Mainly Coach (Lorenzo) Romar. He's been on me since the day that I came into the program. If you'd asked him when I came in as a freshman if he thought I could be a Pac-10 Player of the Year, he would have said, `yes, if he works hard at it.' He's pushed me every step of the way to be better. He put me in a position this year to have a great senior season. He's made me be the leader, even on days that I didn't want to be, I just wanted to be a player. I have to give him a lot of credit for pushing me to be a better player. And then all the assistant coaches. They wouldn't let me let down all season long.'

GUARD Justin Dentmon
On reaction to award:

'I was able to scratch it off my goal sheet so that was nice. I wanted to win Freshman of the Year, but there were a lot of good players.'

On if he thought he'd be recognized:
'I knew I had the possibility of getting it if I just chipped away at it. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I kept after it.'

On his performance this season:
'I think it's going good. Everybody has the ups and downs, but I think right now we're playing confident.'

On sharing award with Jon Brockman:
'It means a lot. He was a high school All-American, so he was expected to come in and play.'

On recognition putting target on his back:
'I think it puts a target on the team's back. It shows that we have a lot of weapons and some freshman out there that can do some damage too.'

On what Roy winning Player of the Year award means:
'It says that we do a lot of stuff as a team. I would have liked for Bobby and Jamaal to be on that All-Conference team, but I think it shows how great of a team we are.'

FORWARD Jon Brockman
On his reaction:

'It was a little surprising. There were a lot of great freshmen in the league this year. I think it was up in the air. Really, any guy could have got it, the Player of the Year or be on the All-Conference team.'

On what it means to the team:
'It shows that we're getting some great players in here. I expect two, at least, to be on there next year because of the guys we have coming in.'

On living up to expectations:
'Some people may think that I didn't live up to my ability by scoring as much, or something like that, but I didn't plan on doing what I did this year, as far as rebounding and scoring and defense and the minutes I'm playing. I've really enjoyed every minute of it.'

On what the award means:
'To be mentioned in that group of guys - there's a lot of great players that are in that group - it's a big honor. It's a great achievement. It feels good to know that all of the hard work has paid off.'

On Roy:
'He's worked hard, it's definitely shown. He does a lot more than practice. He comes in and spends extra hours. As far as his leadership, that doesn't really show in his statistics because he's a great leader. He did a great job when we lost those three in a row he kind of pulled us out of it and I think he put the team on his shoulders and pushed us out of that little slump.'

General Comments:

'I'm proud of those young men who received the different awards. When someone is playing solely for an individual award or accolade, it is not as special when they get it. When you're working together as a group or a team and then whoever is deemed as special individually receives those awards, you're just so proud of them. I really believe that when you approach what you're doing and not caring who gets the credit, the cream rises to the top. Not everyone can be All-Conference. Not everyone can be Player of the Year, but those players who have the ability; it will show. It makes you proud of these guys who have been recognized because they've given all that they can for the team. For me, I'm just like a proud papa.'

On Brandon Roy:
'He's a guy who said, `it's great, it's flattering to get recruited by some of these more high profile schools, but I'm going to Washington and do my best to make Washington a special basketball program.' To do that, to turn down the NBA last year and come back, and to go about his business the way he has - always unselfish and deferring to others. To me, he's been a model of what you look at. It's amazing what happens when no one cares who gets the credit. Other guys get awards, Brandon wasn't All-Conference last year and he was the best player on our team, yet he came back this year. In the beginning, when there was pressure to shoot the ball more, to be the guy, he saw the opportunity might not have been there yet. He wasn't going to force all the action. To do everything the right way from a basketball perspective and be rewarded as the Player of the Year, you can't script it any better for what you want for a team.'

On Roy doing the little things:
'A lot of times you talk about someone who doesn't have the numbers who does the little things. Brandon has the numbers and he does the little things. The special ones do the little things, they don't just score or they don't just rebound, they do that and those little things. Something that Coach (Jim) Shaw does is the hustle stats - charges, who gets on the floor for loose balls, who gets rebounds, the little things. Guess who leads us at that? Brandon Roy. There was a time when Brandon didn't get on the floor for loose balls and he didn't take a lot of charges, but he does it all. He does the little things.'

On Roy coming back for his senior season:
'To go back and say, `I'm going to face this all.' It wasn't, `I'm going to prove this to everyone. And I still want to make this program even more special.' He's always had that in his mind, he wants this program to be special. I've heard him mention that Nate (Robinson) went to the league, Martell (Webster) went to the league, and he didn't want to leave the team hanging. Percentage-wise, I'm not sure how much that factored into his decision, but that's part of who Brandon is. He has deferred to others and always looked out for others and he's the one who ends up getting Player of the Year.'

On recognition for Roy's talent being overdue:
'It's not overdue in terms of him not being able to show it yet. America didn't know what we knew. ...Distributing the ball, bringing the ball, playing the point, guarding, he's been able to do that all along. Now, everyone's able to see it. I would say that this year, he's been able to show everyone.'

On how Roy will be remembered at UW:
'Brandon Roy along with Nate Robinson, I think, are going to be the two main people that will always be mentioned if we continue to be successful. And if we're not, it'll be, `boy, we were really good when those guys were there.' One of the two of those guys are going to be mentioned. You have the Bobby Jones and the Will Conroys, guys like that that started so many games and did so many things, but may not get mentioned.'

On what he's improved:
'He plays with more intensity now. He plays better defense now and he's interested in defending for longer stretches of time. Finding people, drawing the defense, scoring left-handed and right-handed, rebounding, he's been able to do those things since day one.'

On defense being a factor Roy winning award:
'I think that's a part of his package that you have to look at, you can't overlook it. Maybe that is what set him apart.'

On Dentmon and Brockman:
'I think it's really special to get so many guys recognized. Those two freshmen have been superb for us. There were times when people forgot that they were freshmen and felt like they should have been playing like they were fifth-year seniors, but they were freshmen. They went through times where they didn't get it done like they would have liked to, but you take those two freshmen away and we would have lost more than five games. They've been very special.'

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