One Day To Go: Camille LeNoir Catches You Up On USC's NCAA Journey

March 18, 2006

My alarm clock woke me up at 5:30 a.m. and feelings of apprehension and excitement came over me as I drove to practice thinking about going to the NCAA Tournament for the second time. Usually I dread going to early morning practices, but just the mere fact that this team has overcome so many difficult obstacles and somehow managed to succeed, created a change in my perspective.

At practice we were focused and determined. We were talking on every defensive play, calling out the cutters, staying on the shooters, boxing out, and more importantly --having fun. Our team had to make sure that we did every little thing right in practice so that it would carry over into the game. All 64 teams come to play, and we had to make sure that we were over-prepared.

Following practice, we felt like actual professional athletes loading onto our own charter plane. The ride was a little long, but the band kept us entertained by imitating the generic airplane safety instructional procedures (lol). Once we touched down we were greeted by our hosts along with a group of young girls who provided snacks, chips and beverages to us.

The following morning our team watched film on South Florida, studying personnel, plays and tendencies. Knowing that we had a lot to prepare for in respect to the other team, we followed film with a short meal and then left for practice. Unfortunately, our senior captain Meghan came down with a migraine and other symptoms which prevented her from attending practice.

Stepping off the bus reminded me of the feeling that I had last year walking into Minnesota's arena. Not too many people get the opportunity to play at such a high level and compete against the best in the country. I was focused... ready... determined....

As I laced up my ankle braces and shoes, all I could think about was beating USF. Shutting down Dixon..... all the things my coaches say that I don't do.  But I could see in my teammates' eyes that we were going to be ready. No matter how few players we have left, my teammates and I WILL give more than 100% and leave everything we have on Old Dominion's basketball court.

Stay tuned in to ESPN2 to see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!

(in the 'Conquest' voice) Will the Trojans succeed? Or will the Bulls knock the Trojans off of their path to glory? (by the way... if you haven't seen Glory Road, please do because our teammate Chloe Kerr's brother has a starring role in the film) Um, but anyways, (back to the 'Conquest' voice) Watch as the Trojans with only eight players, four coaches and four injured players try to dominate USF and send them back to Florida and advance to the NCAA Second Round in high hopes of an upset versus the Blue Devils. Muah ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. (Haunted house voice)

This is Camille LeNoir signing off from the back of the bus along with Simone Jelks eating a bag of Lays classic potato chips. Fight on brothas and sistas!!!

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