Husky Basketball Fan Mail

April 11, 2006

I've never been prouder of the Huskies! Being a former Husky mom (Dubb-C), I had many uncertainties regarding this year's team. But I had faith in Lorenzo, Cameron and all the coaches at the UW. It's with strength, tenacity, poise, and confidence that any one person can catch an eye, but these players this year did the same magical approach as last year. They were stunned and yet stunned others of their capabilities, desires, and goals. Justin wore the No. 5 extremely well...couldn't have been more pleased! Brandon's leadership role took front and center when it was absolutely necessary. Bobby of course always brought the heart. YES, UW Men's basketball plays hard and from the heart. Mike and Jamaal brought the season veteran knowledge of what's important down the stretch. With all that said, I want the players to know the foundation Romar instilled in them, will follow them for the rest of their lives! They are the beginning of a legend in UW basketball for the 20th century and the legend continues.

Mom Conroy

I am so proud of Husky basketball, it is really hard to find the words to express it. It was a thrilling, wonderful, honorable season, and the way it ended was a monument to what college athletics can be: inspiring, inspiring, inspiring! Good work, and thank you for your heart and sterling character on and off the court.

Thank you, both Women's and Men's Husky Basketball programs for an exciting season. You've proven to me and many others that young athletes as yourselves are professionals with poise under pressure. A job well done, DAWGS!
Scanlan, Mont.

Thank you for EVERYTHING Husky basketball team!!! UW Sports are just about the most important and exciting aspect of my life in terms of the passion, thrills, and entertainment of sports. Without Husky basketball, there would be an enormous void in my life. The incredible rise of the program in the last few years has been absolutely amazing, and I am very fortunate to have been a part of it, and witness the turnaround that the team and coaches have created. To the seniors especially, thank you for your belief and dedication to the program and for making UW basketball what it is. I look forward to a very bright future for Husky hoops. THANK YOU DAWGS!! Go Huskies!!
Los Angeles, Calif.

Thanks for a great season Husky Women's Basketball. You make me proud to be a season ticket holder. I'm looking forward to watching you again next season. Thanks again!!!
Amy Everson

I have lived in Southern California since 1980 but I grew up a Husky fan in the 1960's and 1970'S AND will always remain a Husky fan FOR LIFE. I want to congratulate both basketball teams on successful seasons.
Elliott Fein
Trabuco Canyon, Calif.

I have had season tickets to the Husky women's basketball team for between 12 and 15 years now. This year's team was very enjoyable to watch. As the year went on, the team's cohesiveness was apparent and a joy to watch. There were some really bad/sad times but an outsider would not have been aware of them. You are a great bunch of hard-working women, and I love you all.

See you next year!
Hallie Stegelvik

This and last season were both the best I've seen in a long time. You all played great. You guys play great D. In fact, my favorite is Appleby. He has what it takes. Appleby is a great outside shooter, he's tall, skinny and fast. It's (too bad) that we got beat by UCONN. Go dawgs!
West Linn, Ore.

I just wanted to say that us people up here in Sparks, Nevada were very proud of the Huskies this year. They all have worked very hard to get as far as they did. I am sad that the season is over, but I am also sure that every one is ready for a rest. I will miss watching them or hearing them on the radio. Hope everybody gets plenty of rest because you all deserve it.
Laura Medina
Sparks, Nev.

Thanks for a great year of exciting games of basketball. Both the men and women did a terrific job. Thanks, and good luck next year, I'll be watching!
MaryBellevue, Wash.

The Dawgs had a good season. Maybe the Final Four next year?

Hey Huskies, congrats on the Sweet Sixteen once again. You almost had those UConn Huskies! I sure hope you're even better next year! I'll sure miss the seniors.
Evan Webeck
Snohomish, Wash.

A friend of mine asked me to come with her to the Husky Women's Basketball games three years ago, and I must confess - I'm hooked! Started out going once or twice, then got the Fan Pack, and will get Season Tickets for sure next year! It's been fun watching such a talented bunch and I'm betting you'll go all the way in the NCAA tournament next season. All the best.
Barb Hammond

Here in Spokane there were a lot of Dawg fans that were pulling for ya! (To heck) with Gonzaga and WSU. We have the BEST Squad, U of W... get um Dawgs!!!. Coach and players you had one heck of a ride. Keep your heads up, you have much to be proud of. Brandon Roy, must we say more. What a player, good luck in the Pros. A DAWG FAN!
Bryon McDonald
Spokane, Wash.

I have been a fan of the basketball program for 30 years and I am excited about the condition of the current program. I enjoy the style of play and am very impressed with coach Romar and staff's ability to recruit and attract top athletes to the program. We still seem to lose more than our share of top Seattle area players to programs abroad. Hard to argue that UW would not have been the most talented team in the nation with the current squad plus senior Nate Robinson (Knicks) and Martell Webster (Blazers) it's clear that the recruiting to the program is at an all time high level. Unfortunately, in my view, this squad should have still been playing. I love the program, I just think we let an opportunity get away.
Jeff Johnston

You're AMAZING!!! You had a great season and I can't wait till next year!!! You are such an inspiration! I'll miss you seniors!

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