Women's Basketball Diary - Breanne Watson

Aug. 22, 2006

Buon giorno!

Wow, what a crazy day (2 days?) of traveling! Left Seattle (UW) @ 4am on the 22nd. Took the 7:50am flight to Newark, NJ (6 hours) then an 8+ hour flight from NJ to Rome, Italy. The time change over here is 9 hours, so we arrived the next day at 7:20am on the 24th. Wow! The girls and I were so tired, but most of us didn't sleep much on the plane rides - it was too uncomfortable! Jill, Dre and I made sure we had our last bit of `American food' (burgers and fries) before departing Newark!

Once arriving in Rome, we collected our luggage in a muggy airport and jumped on the bus. The bus then drove us all around Rome, giving us a panoramic view of the city - and wow, it is beautiful! I never realized how much history there is in this city, and how close all the buildings and monuments and buildings are. I seriously felt like I was in a movie or dream while viewing all these historical sites in the flesh!

Once checking out the city by bus, we got out and took a tour of the Colosseo (Coliseum). It is massive! It's hard to believe that this arena was built in ancient times, where there were no cranes, trucks, etc to help build the huge arena. Once you see it and stand by it, you realize how small you are and makes you appreciate the man power and teamwork it took to complete this amazing monument.

Afterwards, we all split off to grab some lunch. It was crazy - Cheri, Kate, Bryce and I were sitting across the street from the Coliseum, eating real Italian food on the patio, while an accordion player was playing a bunch of traditional Italian songs to us. It was almost surreal! The food was great. Next we decided to go explore ancient ruins, arches and churches nearby the Coliseum. The architecture and detail is amazing and so beautiful. I feel like I have taken a million pictures and it's only the first day!

After all that, we checked into our hotel, took some much needed showers and went out shopping and for dinner. At this point we are so jet lagged that people are almost falling asleep standing up!

We checked out Trevi fountain just before dinner - it is gorgeous to say the least, and I could probably sit by it all day! We shopped a little in this area, but I didn't really find anything that made me want to work for a price. However, I know I'll be ready when we hit Milan and Florence!

Dinner tonight was average and I was so tired that the thought of walking back to the hotel made me grumpy ! Finally we made it back to the hotel at 7:00pm - and I fell asleep at 7:30pm! Vatacan City tomorrow, with a 6:30am wake up....yikes!

A presto,

PS - just wanted to give some special shout outs to our freshman (Mo, Sami, Laura), Michelle and Janet - we miss you! Wish you all were here!

PPS - Hi Mom and Dad...oh yeah and JC, miss ya!

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