Tyrone Willingham Monday Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 9, 2006

General Comments:
The general thoughts to start this week off are that obviously the game we played was a hard fought contest. I thought both teams did a lot of things well and we also thought there were some things we didn't do as well as we would like to. Much of the attention will be placed on the ending of the ballgame and I will make very little reference to that, only that we could've executed better on our part.

On the progress of Isaiah Stanback:
I think Isaiah has been fairly consistent in being our starting guy. He has been very consistent. His growth has been constant. He's been a hard a worker. He's become an even better and stronger leader within our program. The excitement I have for him, and I think our entire program has for him, just continues.

On the health of Dashon Goldson:
Dashon, along with Jason Wells, suffered a concussion. We think they are of such a degree that they will be able to participate this weekend. We won't be able to elaborate until tomorrow at the earliest.

On the Oregon State offensive struggles:
I have a very difficult time seeing all of their difficulties. I go back to the stats and the film to try to find something that I can hang my hat on that they aren't doing particular well. It seems to be that turnovers seems to be contributing to their downfall. When you look at their ability to run they have the second-leading rusher in the conference. He is around 100 yards per game and runs the ball really well. He's a fighter. You look at the per carry average and they all have high averages. Their quarterback is completing more than 50 percent of his passes, so have trouble seeing their difficulty.

On how to stay mentally focused after a tough game last week:
There's so much you can and so much you do tell them, but our focus is the next ballgame. After you finish one you start getting ready for the next week. That's how you focus and we tell our guys that. We have six days to prepare and a lot of work around this world was done in less than six days.

On what play the Huskies would've run on the last play:
We would've run verticals with an option route attached to it. We would've tried to stretch the field, placing guys in the endzone with one guy having an option to either keep his vertical or bend it to where he could read the safety and get himself into the endzone.

On how Isaiah is feeling health-wise:
I haven't seen him today, but on Sunday he was feeling the knocks and the bruises of a physical football game.

On the team's overall play:
I thought it was one of our better games. We still felt like there were some aspect of the game that we didn't do as well as we wanted to. We felt that defensively we didn't do some things on the line of scrimmage that we need to do a lot better and have to do a lot better. I do not believe that we got off to a fast star t which is necessary when you go on the road. I do believe we came back and answered a lot of the calls that they gave to us.

On the defensive front:
That was one of our areas that we felt like we needed to step it up. Initially we weren't really handling the line of scrimmage in the way that we wanted. We gave up too many big runs.

On issues with snapping:
Both of those guys are trying. There is no lack of effort or lack of concentration on their part. They were a couple of snaps that went off to the right on our long snapper. We had a couple of snaps that were on the ground in the shotgun and that does affect the timing and rhythm of a play.

On the timing of coming home:
I think it's a great time for us to come back home. I think there is still a lot of excitement about what our team has done to date. We have an opportunity to make a great run the second half of the year. So it's a great time for us to come up and get our fans excited and to play a surprisingly better team than their record indicates (Oregon State).

On where the team stands at midseason:
We're probably off two games. If you ask what I'd hope for, I'd hoped to be undefeated right now. I believe if we go out and play better than that team we're playing you have a chance to be successful. Now it comes down to whether we can finish the second half of the year and an important test is this Saturday.

On Sonny Shackleford:
I think Sonny has really stepped his game up. He is more aggressive in his play, not just on pass-receiving, but in a lot of other areas. He has put himself in a position to have opportunities and he's taken advantage of those opportunities.

On the OSU game being big for both teams:
The next game is the most important game you play. The next game is going to give us an opportunity down the road. If we don't cash in on it then our opportunity is diminished down the road. So the next game is a very important ballgame.

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