Quotes from Herb Sendek's Singing Day Press Conference

Nov. 8, 2006

November 8, 2006

Opening Statement... 'It's really great that you guys would come out this afternoon. I think it's really important that you guys are intent on covering out basketball program the way you are. We really appreciate that. I know that we have a lot we have a lot of Sun Devils here in the valley, and the more that we can connect with them through your professional expertise the better off we are., so we really appreciate you coming out this afternoon. This is always an exciting day in college basketball where we get to finalize and make official the commitments we received along the way, and certainly we're tremendously excited about the class that we've put together for next year. So many people deserve credit Administrators, faculty, staff, and our own players all contributed in meaningful ways as we worked to put a class together in short order. Considering that we started with this recruiting class in April, I couldn't be more pleased with the results today.'

On what he likes about this recruiting class...'I think that they're a talented group of young men. I think they all posses outstanding character, and obviously they were trusting enough to pick us in our first year. I really appreciate that, and I really embrace that. It started obviously with Eric [Boateng] back in the spring. I think his commitment really served in a lot of ways as a great lighting rod. Then we were fortunate to add three other men today that we've received letters of intents for.'

On James Harden...'I think James is a special player. He's so versatile, and he's a great competitor. He just plays to win. I clearly think that he's one of the most talented guys in the country, and it just means so much to our program that he'll be joining us.'

On Jamelle McMillan... 'Jamelle, you guys will quickly get to know, is mature beyond his years. When you talk to him your going to have to somehow find a way to know who your talking to. Your going to think `am I talking to Nate [McMillan] or Jemelle here,' and he's going to get you one or two times. This is because he's extremely articulate. He's wise beyond his years. He's a great gentleman. He knows the games; obviously he's been raised in a gymnasium. Once again, just having him join us, coming from the basketball family he comes from and with his ability, is just really exciting for all of us. He's been exposed to so much. He's seen so many things at a young age. He understands the game, and he understands the dynamics of the team. He's a great leader for a young guy.'

On Kraidon Woods... 'Kraidon is someone that I think has tremendous potential. He's about 6'8'; and he's very athletic. Once again, like all the guys we've talked about, he's engaging with his personality. He's just someone you find very easy to like. I love his versatility, and that he can do a multitude of things at his size.'

On signing three big recruits in his first year... 'I'm going to be consistent. While people ask me `how are you going to do this' and `how am I going to do this'. Not to be a smarty pants, but I'm quick to take the opportunity to say that I'm not going to do anything on my own. Its going to be the players on our team, it's going to be our coaching staff, it's going to be our administrators, it's going to be our faculty, it's going to be our students, it's going to be the media here in the valley, and it's going to be our alumni. I'm just one part of that. I have a role to play, but for us to continue to move college basketball forward in this valley its going to take a collaborative effort, perhaps of unprecedented levels. When we recruit these guys that's our mind set. I have a role to play, but there are so many other parts that have to be in place. That's the central message even as we move forward.'

On what the attraction was to ASU for new recruits... 'I think that different people would answer that question different ways. From our standpoint we're certainly going to recognize all the various parts doing their job exceptionally well. For instance, I think our players did a great job when kids made campus visits. I think that presentations by people like Lisa Love, Dr. Crow, and Steven Ponder made a difference. Our facilities crew and our grounds crew went out of their way to make sure things were sharp and standing tall when families came to campus, and that made a difference. Its all those kind of things. All the things that sometimes you don't even see that somehow come together to make it work. I think the guys that we recruited are confident guys, and like everyone they want to play. I think most recruits consider that when they choose schools. The weather's not bad either.'

On players enrolling in the summer...'I love the rule where guys can enroll in the summer, take some courses and get acclimated on a gradual basis. I think most, if not all of them, will be here this summer.'

On recruiting differences between the Pac-10 and ACC...'We have the same rules. We have the same landscape and the same days. It's very competitive, I can assure you that. The Pac-10 recruits tenaciously. There are some great recruiters in our conference and there are some great players in out conference. We need to get that message out. With all do respect to the ACC, the Big-10, the Big East, they're all great leagues with great coaches, players and programs. But so is the Pac-10 and that needs to be known.'

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