Lorenzo Romar Press Conference Quotes (Dec. 1, 2006)

How has walk-on Brandon Burmeister become such a fixture in the rotation?
'I think there was a point last year, where the same thing was happening. If you look back, he got in early and was doing a good job. As the season went on, we ended up making a couple of changes. The main thing is, even though he hasn't been a starter for us, he has been a constant in the rotation. He is experienced, he has played in some big games for us. I think, especially early in the season, he is not making many mistakes when he is in there. It is interesting, we felt like this last year. We felt like, any time, any game, any place, we could put him in and not lose a whole lot. He is kind of like that reliable relief pitcher in the bullpen, who may need to go one inning or may need to go four innings.'

What does Artem Wallace need to work on to develop into the player he can be?
'I think Artem is very physically talented and strong. He has played as hard as he has played in two years since he has been here. Now, it is a matter of him taking the next step. He has always rebounded well, now he if he puts the ball in the basket that changes some things. The next step for him is to start getting some looks and knock them down with a decent percentage.'

How do you defend a team which shoots the 3-pointer as well as Monday's opponent, Southern Utah?
'Paying close attention, that is for sure. We have played teams like this in the past, and one concern is the three-ball. But, I think we do a decent job of defending the three. Idaho hit some threes with those guards. That is pretty much what they depend on, they didn't really go inside, they let those guys pull up with a hand in their face. You have got to be aware that they have multiple shooters on the floor at all times. You don't want to sleep on them, that is for sure.'

How will your team react to its first road trip following Monday's home game?
'Every time we face something new, it is going to be an interesting challenge for us. The exhibition game, I didn't know how we were going to respond. Our first real game, our first intrasquad game, I didn't know how to respond. Every time we step out onto the floor, until we have gone through everything, it is going to be an interesting challenge. I'm anxious, more than anything, to see how we are going to respond Monday against Southern Utah.'

Have your passes into the posts improved?
'We have been emphasizing that. We think they are an upgrade from last year, we thought in the second half, our guys did a good job of doing that.'

Is it is difficult for a formerly perimater-orienteed team adjusting to passing into the big men?
'If it is something you are not comfortable doing. We have not had that for four years. It is early in the year, and we are trying to make a point of that. You also have to remember that we practiced a whole month without Spencer (Hawes). When he finally came back, he wasn't at a point where I felt comfortable going to him all the time. Against Northern Iowa, we went to him a lot, and he came through for us. It is not like, from day one, we have been working with him in there. We will get better.'

Has freshman center Spencer Hawes' lived up to his billing?
'You know, if he had been practicing from day one, we would probably see more. If a guy is out for five weeks, it matters. A guy isn't going to be as sharp. Last year, if Brandon Roy would have gone down for the year, it would have been a lot tougher. People say, `it doesn't matter, you should be ready', but it does matter. You have to be able to get out on the floor and get reps, especially if you have not played any college basketball. The only thing I would like to see Spencer do is rebound more, and he rebounded better in the last game. I'm glad we have Spencer, I'm glad we got him. He'll be fine.'

Do you think the Huskies are deserving of their lofty No. 13 ranking?
'Last year I thought we were a top-20 team in the beginning of the year, and we weren't in the top-25. I think it speaks more to the fact that, maybe we have a little bit more credibility. People maybe they haven't seen us play but maybe they have seen our personnel.'

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