Q & A With Stefanie Clark

Feb. 6, 2007

Redshirt sophomore Stefanie Clark has been a key member of the Husky women's basketball team this year. After seeing little playing time as a true freshman and redshirting last season, the 5-9 guard has come into her own this season. Clark sat down with GoHuskies.com correspondent (and teammate) Jill Bell to talk about the team's big road trip this week, how her sophomore campaign is going and her biggest 'off the court' hobby.

GoHuskies.com: Your freshman season you saw little playing time and then as a sophomore you red shirted. How do you think red-shirting impacted your play this year?

Stefanie Clark: It gave me confidence, because during practices I got to learn the plays a little bit more.

GH: How do you think practicing all season and not being able to play in the games affected your success this year? Did it gain you any advantages?

SC: I think it made me hungrier, it made me want to play more. So when I do get to play, I'm just really thankful that I am playing. Compared to how I was playing my freshman year verses now, is a lot different. And I think it has to do with the fact that I red-shirted in between those years.

GH: Your team had the opportunity to go to Italy this past summer and visits various cities within the country. How do you think the trip helps the team chemistry and relationships within the team?

SC: It gave us the opportunity to play the game, play together and have fun. It allowed us to grow as competitors together. To just play and let go and that's how it helped build our chemistry.

GH: Do you think that getting the opportunity to see all the historical figures and doing a lot of site seeing was a good balance to basketball on the trip and team's chemistry?

SC: Whenever you can have fun and build memories, it always helps to build your team chemistry.

GH: What was it like playing in Italy? Was the style of play different, including the referees and their calls?

SC: The game itself wasn't different, but there were more traveling calls. I would also say that it was more physical.

GH: What do you think are some of your contributions to this year's team?

SC: I think I contribute to the running game; I use my athleticism to try and create opportunities for my teammates and myself. I also like to help generate the energy during the games. We all feed off of one another, so when one of my teammates gets excited, it get excited.

GH: What are some of your team expectations and goals for the remainder of the season, having only five games left?

SC: We are going to play hard these next five games and try and come out with wins in all of them. Hopefully by having a successful end to our Pac-10 season we can have the opportunity to play in the post season.

GH: Coming off of this past weekend's games, is there anything that the team can take from the home win against Arizona? And how will the team adjust and get ready going into this weekend games against Cal and Stanford, after previously being beat at home by both schools?

SC: I think that the win against Arizona was a good win. It gave us confidence. I think that we did a lot of good things in the game. I think we're playing physical and if we can continue to play physical, I think it will help us with the two games this weekend against Cal and Stanford. We just need to carry over the intensity that we had this past weekend for both games this weekend, because it will be a battle from start to finish.

GH: Being that is the month of February and it is 'Black History Month'. Who is someone that has been influential to you as an African American woman?

SC: My mother, Bernadine Clark and my two grandmothers'. My mother has been the biggest influence and strongest women I know. She has battled illness and adversity of all sorts in her occupation. She is an in patient nurse, so no matter how they treat her, she goes about her job and is very professional about it. She shares her stories with me and she is just put in situations that I know that I would not be able to handle as well as she does.

GH: In your free time, I know you have some talents that not a lot of people know about; one talent is your ability to write. You have a 'book of thoughts' that you carry around and write every once in awhile. Tell us what is and what types of things that are recorded in this book.

SC: I like to think of my book as parallel thinking, which is also the meaning behind my major, Chi, comparative history of ideas. I kind of like to self proclaim myself as a philosopher. I just use the book to analyze and put forth my philosophies on life. I started the book freshman year, when I came up here and went through kind of a life shock with all the different responsibilities that was asked of us as Student-athletes. The book is really therapeutic and helpful.

GH: Who do you think your game is most similar to, female or male?

SC: Maurice Evans. We both play with a lot of energy and give similar approaches to the game. He coincidently is my cousin, so we share that family bond as well. He now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

GH: Is there anything else you would want fans to know about Thee Stefanie Clark?

SC: That my name is spelled with an 'F' and not a 'ph'.....

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