Tyrone Willingham Press Conference Quotes

Aug. 5, 2007

Video: Willingham Press Conference | Jake Locker | Marcel Reece

On what positions there is concern about:
We're going to find out all of those things. It's almost premature to talkabout them in that sense. But I've said that the most important position onour football team is the offensive line. That position dictates what happensin football. That will always be a concern no matter if it's good or not sogood. If it is healthy then the quarterback plays better, the running backplays better and the receivers play better. We want to be very strong inthat area.

Since I've been here we haven't been as good as the Huskies have been in thesecondary. We need to get better there. We're concerned about our depth andlack of experience. We didn't reach our goal last year and so we don't haveany area that we can call perfect.

On the quarterback position:
Jake is coming in as our starter. I like the work I have seen from Carl andI like the work I've seen from Jake. It should be exciting to see what comesout of this. We have the same philosophy everyday: play the best players.

On position battles:
I'm hoping that every position has tremendous competition. Competition makeseveryone better. It takes less prodding on the coach's part to do what wewant them to do. Young men are creating competitions by themselves.

On the team's health:
I think we are going in pretty healthy. I can't think of one that should bemissing for health reasons. We are in pretty good shape. Ryan [Perkins] wasone that came to mind and Darren Harris who was out for a full season shouldboth be ready to go.

On camp goals:
Different teams seek different things. You should start by thinking big.There is no problem with this football team wanting to be the best team inthis conference and wanting to be one of the best teams in the country.

On the schedule:
We have one of the toughest schedules in the country. I think our guys areexcited about that. Our team really looks at it as a challenge, anopportunity.

On new coach Charlie Baggett:
I think his ability to work with our young men and give them insight thatonly he can bring will be of great value. He has more than 30 years ofexperiences split between the professional and collegiate ranks. That isinvaluable when you start to add up that experience.

On summer workouts:
I think some of the word on the street is that some of the guys have hadfantastic summers. Some guys have had some good summers and some guys havehad less than good summers. We'll see later what it really is like.

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