Courtney Crane on ASU Soccer: Camping Trip

Aug. 27, 2007

What an awesome week this has been! It all began with school starting on Monday, and I realize that to most, that's not that awesome; however, for us soccer players it means that we are only allowed to have one practice a day. This is a pleasant change, considering that last week we had about 15 practices in 6 days.

To be totally honest, I definitely think there are some girls on this team that genuinely enjoy going to class, after-all, we are the reigning champions for highest GPA in all the athletic department. Who knew that soccer chicks could be such bookworms??? I, on the other hand would not consider myself a 'bookworm', and although I do work very hard in school I think a better term for me would be a 'booksnail'; it takes me about 3 hours to read a single chapter. This is probably due to my inability to stay focused on one thing for any period of time, unless of-course it's soccer... and with that said, I don't want to talk about books anymore, they stress me out, but I will gladly move back to the topic of soccer.

So, we just got back from our first ever team camping trip up in Payson and it was amazing! The first amazing thing, the temperature; it was normal! Just to make things clear, by the term 'normal' I mean that there was a significant temperature drop from day to night and during the day you didn't have to worry about the possibility of actually cooking to death. Ok, so maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but still, the temperature change was without a doubt a pleasant treat! The trip as a whole was very relaxing and it was the perfect opportunity for some team bonding. I will do my best to sum up the main events.

To start, let me create a visual. 30 people, 5 utility vehicles, camping gear for all, boxes and boxes of food and one Bilbo (our coach's 80lb mutt). Now, I'm not sure if you've done the math yet but 30 people, a dog and all that junk, in 5 cars makes for a very tight squeeze and a situation that's a bit comical. There were just enough seats for everyone to have their own, except Bilbo of-course who had me as a seat.

When we first arrived at the site we put up our tents, set up camp and then off we went to hike and explore. We found the lake and some of us decided to jump in. Bri Doty initially jumped in with her Crocs on and then decided she didn't want them on anymore, so she threw them to shore and accidentally railed me in the side of the head with one of them. I didn't even see it coming! Everyone else did though and they thought it was absolutely hilarious... so did I. Later, everyone decided that it would be funny to push Canada (Kylla Sjoman) in the lake with all her clothes on, and of-course Lara Kezer was happy to do the deed. We enticed Canada by asking her to show us how her camera was waterproof and as she proudly leaned over to dip her camera in the water, Lara gave her a little push. This too was very funny. Canada's reaction was priceless and as she flopped around in the water in confusion and laughter, I think almost everyone on the team nearly pee'd their pants from laughing so hard. She was a great sport about it.

We laughed a lot on the trip, probably about the stupidest things, but those are always the most fun to laugh at. Our coach has said, 'a team that laughs more, wins more', well this team loves to laugh and that was undeniably apparent throughout the trip. However, the trip didn't exclusively consist of laughs and silliness. As a team I truly felt we grew this weekend. We were given the opportunity to learn more about each person individually and the result was an atmosphere that was filled with trust and love. This weekend gave me a better appreciation for soccer, friends and life. I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful program with the most amazing people. I feel like we went into the trip as a team and left the trip as a family. Perfect timing considering our first game is this coming weekend, and I can't wait!!

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