Quotes from Quarterback Rudy Carpenter's Monday Press Conference

Aug. 27, 2007

Tempe, Ariz. - On the offensive scheme:'I think offensive football is offensive football. We know we are going to try to do the same things as last year. We are going to try to run the football, attack down the field vertically. I don't think there is a whole lot different. It's definitely new verbiage. We haven't been in the system for a whole year yet, let alone a game. It might take us a little bit of time to get into rhythm or to find out who we are as an offensive team. I trust Coach Erickson, I know our whole team does, with the offensive scheme. We'll be good.'

On the progression of the offense:'I thought we did really well in fall camp. You know the time we want to do well is in the scrimmage and we didn't. I think once the games get here and we play someone else we'll be able to do a little bit better. The things we have to worry about are not beating ourselves, stopping penalties, and mental mistakes. We'll be alright. These are things we have been working on since our last scrimmage. I'll be interested in finding out what happens after Saturday night.'

On the receivers:'I've been trying to take it upon my self to work with these guys and help them. I talked to them last night and told them we'd be watching a lot of film together. Every Thursday night we are going to get together at my house and make sure we are on the same page. They are young. Teams are going to try to stop the run because we have such a good running game. They are going to make quarterbacks and wide receivers beat them. I want to make sure when that opportunity comes we can do that.'

On the San Jose St. defense and Dwight Lowery:'I'm going to start with Dwight Lowery. You know, they put him on an island sometimes. They play him man to man. They trust him a lot. He's their guy. I think they are pretty solid all the way around. I think they've got some new safeties and a new linebacker. We'll see how those guys are when the game comes. Both of their corners are good players. Their defensive line, they've got some good guys come back. I'm worried about what our team is going to do on offense because that is what it is more about for us.'

On improving:'I have so many things I can get better and still work on. I really wanted to work on carrying over things from practice and not having things change when game time comes, my mechanics or decision making or things like that. If I can maintain that, like good decision making, hopefully that can carry over to the game and that will lead to some success for us.'

On the season opener:'The first game of the year, the most important thing is you just want to win. Obviously you want to come out and play really well, you want to jump on people really fast and get out to an early lead. You just want to win. You just have to get a feel for the coaches and how they are in the game setting. For me too, with the offensive coaches, is to get in to some type of rhythm. That's what I am looking forward to the most. We want to win. It is very important to start out fast because that will set the tone for the season.'

On the team's readiness to play: 'I think our team is ready to play. I think we just want to get out there and play against someone else. I'm confident in our guys and what they are going to do and I think we will play well.'

On adapting to the new coaches and teammates:'I think I've adapted well with the new coaching staff and their new style of coaching. I think it's been a good change so far. As far as the new wide receivers, it's a process. It takes some time. Those guys are young and some times they think they know what to do and they have the best way to do it. They need to be coached and listen. They've done a good job so far. Kyle Williams has done really well. Kerry Taylor has been real consistent. They should be good players for us. All they lack is game experience. That's why these first couple games are really important to them. I think once the put the pads on and get hit a couple times. They'll be fine. Football is football.'

On Brent Miller: 'Zach is a great player, obviously. That's why he is starting in the NFL right now. As far as it goes here at ASU, Brent has been great for us this year and I think he is going to be a go to guy in a lot of situation. Brent is a little bit faster than Zach so he can kind of make a little more plays down the field. Hopefully we can have him stretch the field, stretch the defensive backs a little bit. They do different things. I think Brent is going to be good player for us and I'm going to be looking for him a lot.'

On Kerry Taylor:'There have been a lot of things about Kerry that impress me. When you come in as a freshman you are overloaded with information and you are kind of swimming and you can't figure it all out. Kerry has been able to come in and learn all three positions we've asked him to learn and he's done it very well. He hasn't made very many mistakes. He's played very consistently. That's a hard thing to do which is one of the reasons why he is going to get a chance to play a lot on Saturday. I think just his overall readiness to play college football is the biggest surprise to me. Many kids coming out of high school aren't ready to play. I wasn't. I'm sure Kerry will be fine this year.'

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