Quotes from Coach Dennis Erickson's Post-Game Press Conference

Sept. 1, 2007

Arizona State Head Coach Dennis Erickson

On his overall thoughts about the game:
'I thought we played very efficiently. It was one of the most efficient games that I've had for a first game. We had a couple turnovers, some dropped balls, but very few penalties. The only one that was disappointing was the late hit out of bounds early, but other than that, we didn't have a lot of penalties, so we were very efficient for the first game. Same thing with turnovers. We had the one turnover where Brent [Miller] fumbled the ball there, but other than that I thought we were very efficient. I thought we played very good on defense, didn't give up the big play and ran to the football. We'll find out, I'm not sure how big a test that was, but it was a test, nothing against anybody. I thought we played very well for the first game, but now it gets harder every week.'

On the offense:
'The first drive, Rudy scrambled out and made a big play. We just ran the football well. Ryan [Torain] had 123 yards. Shoot, we took him out with eight minutes to go in the third quarter, I believe. So, that's a credit to our offensive front and how they blocked. When you can do that, you can do a lot of things. You can throw play action pass. You can do all the things. We were able to do that and eat the clock up.'

On the defense:
'I thought we ran around real well, got lined up, and ran to the football extremely well. I thought we tackled pretty well. They got some things going early when they were in spread. They made some completions. We kept stuff in front, and then we started getting pressure on them. I thought we ran around and played OK. We have to get better.'

On center Mike Pollak:
'He's so athletic, we can do some things in our running game by pulling him. We run the G play, the outside G play and we pull a guard or a tackle, and then we pull a center if we're capable of doing that. A lot of times that depends on what kind of athlete you have at center, and he's a great athlete, and it really makes a heck of a difference. He's just a solid player in there. Your center is the leader of the front, but I thought all those guys played pretty well. Obviously, you look at tape and it's never as good as you think it is, so you know how that is, but we'll fake it tonight.'

On Rudy Carpenter calling plays at the line:
'We did a lot of check-with-me's with Rudy. He'd come up and call the run play either way, make a call in the huddle one way or the other, tight end side or other way, depending on how their front was aligned and try to give us the best chance to have some success. He did an awfully good job. We got to a point in the second half where we just called it and went. But our plan early in the game was to do that. Last year, they were bringing an outside backer, so we wanted to be able to put ourselves in that situation, and I thought we executed pretty well.'

On some problems with getting play calls in:
'We screwed that up some. We've got numbers, we've got our plays, and then give him a number, and we flash the number into him, he's got a wristband and calls the play. There were three or four times where he didn't get it, or he didn't get the sign right, or we gave him the wrong play, so we've just got to keep doing that. But that's the way I like to do it because you can get them in and out, and not have delay of games and things like that.'

On the plans for next week:
'Well tomorrow we bring them in the afternoon and they run and lift and do some physical things. I like to do that on Sunday and get the kinks out. A lot of them are going to be sore. When they're done with that, then we bring them in and look at tape of the game and spend a lot of time on that, make all of our corrections, and when we're done Sunday, we are done with that football game. Monday, they have off, and of course, Monday we start prep for Colorado. Tuesday, we put part of the game plan in, and Wednesday the same thing, and then Thursday we finalize it. That's what we do every week.'

On next week's opponent, Colorado:
'Colorado's a good football team. I watched them today on the tube, so it will be interesting. It will be fun, and I know our guys are going to have some confidence, so we'll see what happens.'

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