Greetings from Greece

Sept. 3, 2007

A Postcard from Ryan Appleby

ATHENS, Greece -- Hey this is Ryan Appleby from the Washington Huskies here.

We are on our second day here in Athens. It's our seventh full day in Greece and the temperature has finally started to cool down a little except in the gym where it has been at least 100 degrees.

We got our second win today against Peresteri in a tough game where both teams scored in the 100s. We won 103-100.

We have had some really close games here in Greece and it was finally good to win a close one.

We spent the other part of the day site seeing once again where we went to the Acropolis which was one of the coolest places we have been. It is located on a huge hill overlooking the city of Athens. There are a few monuments up there, but the most famous one was the Parthenon, which is the temple for the god Athena. It's the monument with all the columns that we had all seen pictures of (see photo above).

An interesting fact about it was there are no straight lines in the whole architecture of the building.

The second place we went was to see the changing of the guards at the president's house. It was very interesting and pretty funny at the same time because of how the guards marched to their new locations. A few guys took pictures next to one of the guards, but nobody was allowed to touch them. The just stood still and looked straight ahead.

The last place we went was the original Olympic stadium that was built in the 1800s for the first modern Olympics. It seats 69,000 which is almost as big as Husky Stadium and it is made of solid marble. This is the stadium where the Olympic torch is started from and this year it will be run all the way to Beijing.

We have had a lot of fun so far and we have our last game here tomorrow and are looking to end it on a good note.

I would like to say hello to my family and girlfriend back home and to all the other Husky fans I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.


The Olympic Stadium



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