Post-Game Quotes from ASU's 34-13 Win Over San Diego St.

Sept. 15, 2007

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Arizona State Head Coach Dennis Erickson
On the game overall:
'We played well enough to win. I thought, offensively, it was a good effort, ran the football. Keegan Herring had a heck of a day. I thought we threw it real well, other than the one interception that Rudy [Carpenter] threw. I thought we executed pretty well on offense. Defensively, we got tested, and they moved the ball against us some. We were able to come out in the second half, I thought, and play a lot better defensively. But they threw it, and the quarterback played pretty well for them, but the bottom line is they only scored 13 points. It was a good win. You deal with where you're at in the non-league season, and this was a game that was tough for us, and I knew it coming in, and as you can look around the country, we won, that's the bottom line.'

On the running game:
'Keegan had a great day. Dimitri Nance came in and played good, and then he pulled a hamstring, so we weren't able to use him. We used him a little bit, I didn't want to hurt it any more. Jarrell Woods wasn't really ready to go with that ankle, so Keegan carried the load for us.'

On the defense:
'I thought our secondary played well. They made some plays on us in the passing game, but we didn't blow coverages. We were there to make the tackle. They caught some in front of us. They didn't get the big play, and that's the bottom line. They didn't get the big play in the passing game.'

On the passing game:
'We were throwing play-action pass. They were playing Cover 3 in the first half, and then on the first drive of the third quarter, we came out and threw the comeback a couple of times. They started to go to a lot of 2-deep stuff, and they intercepted the one. But we just had our rhythm, doing the same things that we've done, and when they had people up in there, we were able to throw the football. We hit a couple play-action passes that were real keys for us, one to Kyle Williams going down there in the third quarter and then the one to Brady Conrad on the naked, so we're going to throw what they give us. I thought Rudy played real well. He had the one pick, I'm not sure where that thing was going, but we'll have to look and see.'

On opening the Pac-10 season next week:
'Number one, Oregon State's an awfully good football team. They're very physical on defense, one of the better defensive football teams in the Pac-10. Every week in that league, who knows what's going to happen? We've got him here at home. It's just a start, everybody starts over, it doesn't make any difference if you have wins or losses, everybody starts over in the Pac-10 starting next week.'

Arizona State QB Rudy Carpenter
On the game:
'I think the whole tempo of the game seemed real flat on offense and defense. I think tonight once again though we should have scored a lot more points on offense. We killed ourselves a lot; had the one turn over and a lot of penalties again. It's for real next week so we better figure it out.'

On Keegan Herring:
'I think Keegan had a great game. He did 166 yards rushing and that's a big game out of anybody but I think it's expected of Keegan. Keegan unfortunately is behind a real good backer Ryan Torain, but I think he could carry the load if he had the opportunity so I was happy for Keegan tonight. He got a chance and he did real well.'

On changing their game plan:
'We're going to try and run the ball and play action. It's the same plan we try to do every week.'

On SDSU playing like they expected:
'Yeah, they played with a little more cover than we expected, which is what happened on the interception.'

On atmosphere after the game:
'The locker room was good. We're 3-0, everyone is happy, the guys played good. I think we wish we would have played a little bit better on defense, and had less problems on offense, but we're 3-0.'

Arizona State LB Robert James
on SDS being a bigger task on defense:
'We were sluggish in the first half. We got that pep talk at halftime and wanted to come out and get back on ours. We finished out strong but started off sluggish so we are going to have to work harder at practice and watch our mistakes and what we did.'

On coming into the game:
'We were pretty much prepared for them. They were switching and moving our defense and spreading us out so our linebackers couldn't be in the box. We are just going to have to work harder in practice and get ready for Oregon State next week.'

Arizona State RB Keegan Herring
On starting:
'It felt great. You miss that feeling when you're not starting. It felt great running hard and getting hit, making touchdowns. It's been great.'

On the long touchdown run:
'I think I was playing hide and seek with the defense. I was really just trying to hide away from the defense. When I saw the opening I just took it, and the guy looked like he was trying to make a decision if he was going to tackle me or not so I just ran into him.'

On if the team is satisfied with where they are at:
'You should never be satisfied with where you are at. There is always the potential to get better. The next game is the Pac-10 opener; we just have to get our minds focused a little bit more and just keep practicing harder and try to go 4-0.'

On the holes the offensive line opened up:
'The holes were just amazing. The first quarter was shaky a little bit but then our offensive lines just had to get back a little bit and holes started opening. That's when the yards started racking up.'

On if the three games have prepared the team for the Pac-10:
'Yeah I think these three games have prepared us for the Pac-10. These were three good warm up games for us. Now we are headed off to the Pac-10 so I think it's time to lock in now.'

San Diego State QB Kevin O'Connell
On the offense first half:
'We felt really good. The score was either 14-10, 14-7. We felt good and established the pass like we wanted to. We were being really physical on that drive. That's what we wanted to do. They were able to answer and that's what good teams do in the face of adversity.'

San Diego St. Head Coach Chuck Long
'(ASU) stuck with their guns, they have depth in their running back. Kerring did a good job.'

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