Courtney Crane on ASU Soccer: Taking Care of Business in Texas

Sept. 18, 2007

We swept the weekend and when it comes to weekends, it really doesn't get any better than that!

Now, before I get into soccer, I have to tell you a couple stories. The first story is a little bathroom incident that occurred our first night in Texas. We had just finished practicing at SMU the night before our game when Miche (Michelle Watkins), A.O. (Alissa Oldenkamp) and Carly decided to use the bathroom before they got back on the bus. They were taking unusually long but no one was terribly concerned. The rest of us waited patiently on the bus till finally they arrived in hysterics...

'We were locked in the bathroom!!!!!'

Apparently, the three of them were scared out of their minds thinking that they were going to be stuck in the bathroom forever. What they didn't realize while they were in the bathroom screaming and banging on the door, was that there were two doors in the bathroom, one was an entrance and the guessed it, an exit. I believe it was Miche who was the brains behind that discovery, but either way, I'm just really glad they're not still stuck in the bathroom because that would be bad.

The other story that I feel would be worth telling is when we accidentally drove off in the bus without our fellow teammate, Katie. With all respect to Katie, whom I love very much, I have to tell you, it was pretty darn funny. We probably only got about 5 miles away before it was realized and we all couldn't believe what we had done. Poor Katie was in the bathroom when we got on the bus and when she came out we were all gone. I know if it was me, I would have been really confused and I probably would have hugged a tree. I've heard that's what you're supposed to do when you're lost. I'm sure she was wondering how long it would take us to figure out she wasn't on the bus. When we got back to where she was, she was sitting patiently waiting for us. Luckily, it didn't take that long for us to figure out she was missing and fortunately, Katie was a good sport about it. Katie, we are all very sorry and hope that you forgive us, we love you!

Now, how about some soccer talk. All I have to say is `SMU' and `first half' and the entire team will know exactly where I am going with this. The first half against SMU was BAD. Basically, everything we've learned so far this season went out the window, a forty-story window. SMU scored off of a P.K. in the first minute of the game, and we were down 1-0 going into halftime...It was then that we were all made very aware of our mediocre performance. It was obvious that if we wanted to win the game, we would absolutely have to pick it up.

As we stepped back onto the field after halftime, we had a whole new mindset. We were upset with ourselves. We wanted to show Kevin what we were made of, we wanted to show him that we were better than that, that we had more character than that...and we did. We came back and won the game 4-1! I was so excited to see how well my team responded. Other teams may have shut it down, or come out of the halftime talk with a bad attitude, but we didn't. We found the motivation we needed to pull through and we made sure that we walked off that field with the win.

Sunday's game against TCU was a little less exciting, however we won and that's the most important part! We played very well and created many opportunities to score. We made sure that we wouldn't have a repeat performance from Friday night's first half and we did what needed to be done to once again come out on top. It's always very exciting to sweep a weekend especially considering we weren't playing at home. Besides, when we win, we're allowed to have dessert! We all know that Karin finds motivation in this considering that was the first thing she announced as she walked off the field when we beat SMU...'Yes! We get dessert!' But to be totally honest, I don't care what it is that motivates my teammates, as long as we continue to do what were doing!

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