Quotes from Rudy Carpenter's Weekly Press Conference

Nov. 5, 2007

On the team bouncing back after loss:
'I think we'll be fine. We still have a lot to play for and everyone on our team realizes that we still accomplished the goals we had set for the season, so I think we'll be fine.'

On the number of yards thrown and stats not adding up to final outcome of the game:
'When you go back and look at the stats from that game we had a lot more possession time and a lot more total yards. We just couldn't score when we got down to the red zone. I think we got down inside the 20 yard line seven times or something like that and only got 23 points. So that is something we have to continue to work on in practice and we have to get better at red zone offense because that killed us this game.'

On being sacked:
'I think it was an assortment of things. There were a couple of time where I probably could have ran or threw the ball away, but it's tough because in the first half I was sitting back there and I had time and I was throwing the ball and completing a lot of passes on them. I think their adjustment at half time was to try to come after me and not give me any time to throw the ball on the field. That's the adjustment they made and it worked out for them. They're good coaches too, so they're going to make some adjustments. They just brought more pressure, but it's hard to pick up blitzes and it's hard to do that stuff on offensive line and the running backs.'

On the affects of the loss:
'It's a loss. This loss isn't any bigger than any other ones. It's just a loss and it is what it is. We just have to come back next week and prepare for UCLA. This is over now.'

On how this loss compares to loss of last season:
'Well they all feel the same to me. I hate losing, no matter where it is in the season or how many wins or losses we have prior. Like I said, it's just one loss. We're 8-1 and we're having a great season still.'

On the last two minutes of the game:
'We were doing good, driving, completing the throws, running the ball and doing well. We missed a field goal, but that was it.'

On the possibility of still going to the Rose Bowl:
'I think people lose sight of that. We're 8-1, ranked number nine in the BCS in the tenth week of the season. Obviously we're disappointed because lost to Oregon, but Oregon is a good football team. Like we've been saying, if we keep worrying about us and taking care of the business we need to take care of, we will still have a great chance to play in a BCS Bowl game, which is what our main goal was going into the season.'

On the UCLA defense:
'I know they are pretty good on defense. They have a defense player named Bruce Davis, who is a good player. I think he was All-American last year, so he's a great player for them. They also have two safeties, and Dennis Keyes and Chris Horton, who are their two leading tackles and very good players. We're definitely going to have our hands full this week against these guys and we just have to come ready to play.'

On UCLA being close to his home:
'Growing up as a kid I wanted to play in the Rose Bowl all the time. It is my favorite stadium. I grew up watching all those guys [in the L.A. area]. It's one of those things that I look forward to when I get a chance to play there at that stadium; it's really fun. It's really close to my house and my entire family and all of my friends will be there. It is a very important game for me and it's easy for me to get up for because I have a lot to play for, not just for our team, but just personally. It's a fun place and I live only about fifteen or twenty minutes from the Rose Bowl.'

On the team's Southern California roots:
'There's a lot of guys on our ASU team who I played against in high school, played with in All-Star games or who went to rival high schools just all in that area. For a lot of us, Southern California is our home and we're going back to play there. I think the guys get real excited. When we got back on Sunday, the guys were talking about how they need a bunch of tickets for the game and that's the big argument in the locker room right now, is tickets. I think everyone is going to be excited to play this game. I'm not worried about any let downs.'

On how winning in LA is different feeling than Stanford and other games:
'It's completely different because no one here has won in Los Angeles at UCLA or USC since they've been here so this is a good chance for those seniors and for the people who have been playing to get their first win in Los Angeles especially against a good UCLA team.'

On crowd noise with procedure penalties in Oregon:
'There was one procedure penalty on third down. What we have been doing is working on it in practice. We do a silent count when we're in the shot gun and we do a silent count under center. This week, we did go with our voice cadence when we were under center. I think guys did a good job of paying attention, listening and trying to really focus in on that. Sometimes it did get to us and they got off on the ball better than we did because not everyone could hear, but that is going to happen when you are playing at a place like that. I think overall, especially our offensive line, we did a great job responding to that crowd noise because that is difficult.'

On his thumb:
'Yes, everything is fine. It just got hit a little bit but everything is fine.'

On his wrist band coming off:
'No, the play cards just came out. I didn't know, so I got the signal and I went to huddle with all of the players and it was clear. I just looked at it and everybody else in the huddle and I said, `I don't have a play!' So I ran to the sidelines and we ended up calling a time out. I went to the Oregon sidelines and they were sitting over there because that is where they came out. I got them back.'

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