Between The Bars

Nov. 7, 2007

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Ask the Bruins Q&A session of the season. We did leave out one question, from Debbie of Milltown, who asked what our personal and/or team goals were for the 2008 season. We thought it would be good to isolate that question and have everyone answer it here on Between the Bars.

Mizuki Sato: For this upcoming season, I think that I can speak for everyone and say that our team goal is to win the national championship! We have an awesome group of girls, and it's great to train with people who come into the gym each day fired up to get something done. As for my personal goals, I would like to be able to contribute in ANY way possible for the team to accomplish our goal. I would also like to do well academically.

Marci Bernholtz: First and foremost, my goals are to help the team out as much as I can this year. I am so excited to be here, and we have a great team this year. I know that for all of us, our goal is to win the NCAA title. I am definitely going to do all that I can to help accomplish that goal. My personal goals are to just adjust to college gymnastics and put up as many high scores as I can for the team!

Brittani McCullough: My personal goal for this season is to be the NCAA national all-around champion. My goal for our team is to be the NCAA national team champions. I feel that this team is very capable because of the work ethic and energy of our team.

Natalie Padilla: As a team, a big goal of ours this year is to stay healthy. If we can stay healthy, we can accomplish our biggest goal of winning NCAA's. For a personal goal, I plan on doing it big and not holding back, all while having the most fun I can for my senior year. I can't wait!

Talia Kushynski: My goals for this season are to be a consistent competitor and to always contribute to the success of our team. One of our team goals is to win NCAAs, which I know we can do because all of us have the drive, motivation and work ethic of champions!

Kristina Comforte: My number one goal this year is to stay healthy! Other than that my personal goals are to compete in the all-around, and become an All-American on one of the events I wasn't my first year. Of course our team goal is a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

Melissa Chan: My personal goals are to keep my body healthy so that I can compete for my team throughout the whole season; to be in the best shape I have ever been in, so that it will be easy to perform my skills and it will keep my body healthier; and to not waste any time in the gym. I want to perfect my skills so that they are more consistent, and I want to be assiduously working hard in the gym every day! I also want to win a NCAA Championship this year. Our team looks outstanding, and we are very hard-working!

Allison Taylor: A few of my personal goals for this year are to get good grades, help the team and to stay organized. The goals I have for the team are to stay healthy, be confident and win nationals!

Anna Li: My goal this year for our team is for everyone to stay healthy. Everyone is looking great in the gym, and we keep raising the bar for each other every day. We're all in great shape, and I know this year is going to be amazing! Having such a great freshman class come in is a lot of fun, and I know we will do well this year. I can't wait for season to begin! As for my personal goal this year, I want to stay healthy because I'm upgrading my routines and adding in more difficulty. So far everyone is on track, and we're all anxious to get out on the competition floor and have a great season!

Niki Tom: I am so excited for the season to begin! As for my personal goals, I hope to improve my consistency in training and to focus on the details each event requires. By doing this, I will be capable of fulfilling two goals at once, for my ultimate goal is to contribute and to make the line-up as much as possible to help the team throughout the season. I strongly feel that, as a team, we would all agree that the first goal is to get everyone back to 100% and to maintain everyone's health. In doing so, we will achieve the goal of having a solid line-up, where everyone is ready to hit, in any given situation. The ultimate goal is to take one meet at a time, have fun, and to peak at the right moment so we can STICK IT in the end! Here we come, NCAAs!

Ashley Jenkins: My personal is to be an All-American this season and to compete in the all-around. As a team, we all have the same goal of winning NCAAs this year.

Tasha Schwikert: The 2008 season will be my senior year and last year competing for UCLA. There is nothing better than to go out finishing on top ... with a BANG! Our team is looking great in pre-season! We absolutely have the potential to take home the NCAA Team Championship title this year, and there is no doubt in my mind that we WILL be VERY STRONG contenders for a 1st place team finish. My personal goals really never change. I definitely want to go for the NCAA Individual All-Around Championship and shoot for making as many event finals as possible. However, none of my personal goals can be achieved without the support of my TEAMMATES, COACHES, AND SUPPORT STAFF ... They ALL are my inspiration!

Jordan Schwikert: The goals I have for myself are staying healthy throughout pre-season, and when it comes time for competition season to begin, going out every weekend on that competition floor knowing that I'm going to draw in the audience and have them enjoy what I have to show. More so than myself, my bigger goal is to do whatever it takes for my entire team to buy into the warrior spirit because no one can do it alone. One team on one boat plowing through any obstacle course leaves the outcome being us in the end with hearts of a champion.

Ariana Berlin: My biggest personal goal for this season would be to make it to individual event finals on one or more events. My team goals would be obviously to win the National Championship!



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