Q & A With Krista Foster

Nov. 27, 2007

BERKELEY - The 12th-ranked Golden Bears and forward Krista Foster have started the season 4-1 and return home this week for their second homestand of the 2007-08 campaign. Foster, the only senior on team, is a tri-captain with Ashley Walker and Lauren Greif. Last year, the Fair Oaks, Calif., native played in all 32 games and was the co-recipient of the Alisa Lewis Heart and Hustle Award. This season, she has seen action in four games and shoots 50 percent from the floor.

CalBears.com recently sat down with Foster to discuss her time at Cal and this year's team, as she enters her final season as a Golden Bear.

CalBears.com: As the squad's only senior, what do you think your role on the team is?
Krista Foster:
'I think my role this year as a senior is just being a leader out there on the floor. I have the most experience, being here four years, so I know the way Coach wants things done. I may not be on the court as much, but I think the biggest thing for me is just leadership and being vocal. Also, I need to stay positive and make sure that the team is staying positive, as well.'

CalBears.com: What are your current career plans after graduation?
'I am legal studies major. Initially, I thought I wanted to go to law school, but that's changed. There's this group on almost every university campus called Athletes in Action. It's a Christian group geared towards serving student-athletes and learning how to incorporate God into your sport. In January, I'm going to apply to be on staff with them and intern at a university. Then, I'll see how that goes, and hopefully, I'll go on staff with them. I love working with student-athletes, and I love God and those two things together.'

CalBears.com: Has your slipped disk in your back affected your game?
'Yes, it's very painful. It's frustrating because I'm used to working really hard and being able to go as hard as I can and give everything I have every day. Not being able to do that, being limited because of my back has been frustrating and a challenge. I'm just trying to work through that and see where my role is and try to get healthy. We only have 10 players, nine with Devanei [Hampton] being out right now, and 9.5 with me. It hurts, but I've gotten injections, and I've done everything I can do to get better. I'll continue to do that, and just keep praying that my back will get better, and I'll be able to help the team out.'

CalBears.com: Last season, the Cal women's basketball team beat Stanford at Maples Pavilion, handing the Cardinal its only conference loss of the year and breaking its 50-game home Pac-10 winning streak, what was that like for you?
'One of my best memories here at Cal was beating Stanford. The two times before when we played them at Stanford, we lost by a lot. Being able to go into their gym knowing that they had a long winning streak, and be confident, step on the floor and play like we know how to play, was just an awesome experience. I think each one of us will take that away with us when we leave here. We put everything out there. We had heart, determination, which we do every game, and we prevailed over them.'

CalBears.com: Cal women's basketball has come a long way since you were a freshman. What kind of progress have you seen in the program in your four years here?
'Coming in as a freshman, I didn't really know what to expect, and that was hard. But over the years, seeing our team grow, become more of a team and more of a family, and really understand what our goals are and knowing that those goals are tangible has been great. I think when I first came here, the goals of the Sweet Sixteen and a national championship, were kind of far. We've had to build our program.

'We're definitely building. I feel like now we can see that, and we can see that those goals that we set this year are tangible. The more we come together as a team and improve our chemistry, the better we are on the floor. We're very talented, and we have all of the components of being a great team. It's a matter of do we want to be a good team or do we want to be a great team? It's about taking that leap of us wanting to be a great team and what we want to do to get there and trying to focus on things like defense. We're limited on numbers so defense is our number one priority. I think this past weekend at Baylor, we kind of slipped a little. But all of us recognized that we'd fallen short and we're able to pick up and know what we need to work on. I think that's definitely a growth in holding each other accountable in the things that we haven't been so good at in past games and building on that. I think we've done a good job in working together as a team and holding each other accountable.'

CalBears.com: Did your older brother, Josh, influence your development as an athlete at all?
'We didn't really grow up shooting hoops together, but in high school, we would play against each other. He would bully me. Growing up, we'd fight a lot and he'd push me around. He was a great athlete himself. Seeing his love for the game, and always going to his games, even if I didn't want to, encouraged me to get into sports. When I finally did, he'd come to all my games, and he still does come to all my games. He's always been very supportive of me and my success so far. Growing up, he definitely made me stronger and a stronger person. He's definitely one of the reasons why I'm here and one of the reasons I am who I am.'

CalBears.com: You were a star water polo player in high school, what made you choose to play basketball in college? Do you ever miss playing water polo?
'Yes. If water polo and basketball didn't overlap, I would want to try and walk on here. I don't know where I'd stand against the girls here because they're amazing. I definitely love water polo and miss it a lot. In high school, my love was basketball. I had grown up playing basketball and swimming as well, and I started playing water polo my freshman year in high school. I wanted to play basketball after college and other things, I just had more of a love for basketball. But if I could play water polo here, I would try.'

CalBears.com: That is the first time you've mentioned playing basketball after college. Has that dream changed at all since your high school days?
'I'm not sure. Right now, I feel led to go on staff with Athletes in Action. If things change, and I get an opportunity to play somewhere, I would take that opportunity. As of now, I just have a passion for serving and being with athletes so that's where my heart is now. If I had an opportunity, I think I would try to play professionally.'

CalBears.com: Do you have any pregame superstitions or rituals?
'I used to be really superstitious, but I'm not so much anymore. On game days, I like to write a reminder on my hand for who I'm playing for and why I'm doing this to remember to be thankful for what God's given me. That's the only superstition or thing I do before games, to be thankful for what I've been given because it can be taken away at any moment in time. There are probably little things I do, like eating a certain way. In high school and my freshman year, I had a lot of superstitions.'

CalBears.com: What has been your favorite class at Berkeley?
'My favorite class has probably been European history with Professor Elliott. I just really loved the professor. He really interacted with the students. I took it in summer school here. If we were talking about the aristocrats, he would dress up as one of them. He came to class very prepared, and he just made learning fun. I really enjoyed it. If I could take the class again, I would.'

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