Racing With the Devils: Caitlin Andrew

Jan. 14, 2008

Hey Devil Fans!

The last week of Christmas break is over, but not without many activities. Monday night we continued our competition between the four teams with movie trivia. Our graduate assistants and managers spent about a month putting together a game very similar to Jeopardy. Instead of answers and then having to think of the question like normal Jeopardy, the screen had a movie quote that you must name the title of the movie. After the first 15 seconds if you couldn't guess it then the audio from the movie clip was played, after another 15 seconds of no response then the clip from the movie would be shown. The question would be worth fewer points with the more help from the audio or video. Well the game sounds simple enough, but when you have sequels from the 80s and you can't name the full title of the movie, things get tricky and people get upset. One team would gain control of the board and then was no stealing, you had to hope that they would answer wrong and control would move to the next team. Of the four teams, ours went last. By the time the game moved around to us all the easy questions were gone. We still managed to score enough points to keep us in the running.

Wednesday night was a team tradition of skit night. Each of the four teams had to come up with a unique, creative, and funny skit to perform in front of the rest of the team and coaches. With the recent comeback of American Gladiators, it was a very popular idea. Two teams ended up performing their version of this show. If you haven't seen it, or even the new version, I suggest watching it. Anyway, the two gladiator skits managed to pull out first and second place. Third went to the team who decided to do a time machine skit where they repeated a 30 second segment over and over again getting faster each time they did it. One round was even in Spanish, haha! Unfortunately our team got last. We did a pun on Wife Swap and did Dad Swap instead. I got to be the very prissy (even wore a dress and pearls) up-tight daughter. I would say we had the best costumes but we didn't get a chance to do a dry run and had to improvise for our content. The idea was there, just not enough practice.

Once again I still don't have team totals and can't tell you who won the overall competition. Losing the skit night didn't help my team's chances. Depending on how the Devil Olympics went, I'm afraid to think we got last. Last year my team won our Christmas challenges, including the skit!

In the pool the girls have been training hard and doing well. Wednesday we had a fast set of 50s and many of the girls did extremely well. Saturday morning we did a fast set of 100s very similar to what we did in the first half of the season. Once again many of us had the best set of the whole season! I hope this speed in the pool continues next weekend when we head to Minnesota for a dual meet.

Until next time,
Caitlin Andrew

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