Q&A with Andrea Plouffe

Jan. 15, 2008

Senior Andrea Plouffe battled back from chronic knee problems to have a breakout game against USC in a 60-45 UW win on Sunday. She, along with fellow senior Emily Florence make their final trip to Eugene and Corvallis this weekend to play the Oregon schools.

GoHuskies.com caught up with Plouffe this week:

GoHuskies.com: How is your body holding up?
Andrea Plouffe: My body has never been 100 percent with my knees and stuff like that, but it's more of a mental thing. My body is not always going to be 100 percent so as long as I'm mentally getting better and gaining confidence each day I think it is a good for me and for the team.

GH: Have you ever thought about giving it up because of the injuries?
AP: I've never thought about giving up. I've asked myself the question: `why do I put myself through this,' and people have ask me that too. The simple answer is because I love the game.

GH: What do you think about first-year head coach Tia Jackson?
AP: I definitely see progression in the program. This year is a building year so you aren't going to see it turn around immediately. But with time, with the recruits she's bringing in and with the freshman we have this year there is potential. As seniors I expect to look back and see them doing big things.

GH: How are you helping the two freshman posts, Jess McCormack and Kali Bennett?
AP: Both of them have amazing potential. If they keep pushing themselves to get better each day then they will be great. I'm trying to teach them mental and physical toughness in the Pac-10. It's tough. It's a physical game and you can't back down from anyone and you have to make sure it doesn't disrupt your focus. You have to be ready. I try to bring it in practice so they understand what it will be like in a game.

GH: Has the whole team ever been healthy at once in your career?
AP: Injuries have plagued the team since I've been at UW. Every year it has been something else. It is just more hurdles that we have to jump over. Something good should come from each of the situations I hope. You just keep battling. It is an opportunity for people on the bench to step up and get more playing time.

GH: The USC game was a breakout game for you this season. What was different?
AP: I didn't bring anything different. I always come with the same mentality and the same determination every game. I got more looks and I hit my shots. I needed to get back into things so I think this is a good stepping stone for me to grow. I know what I can do, but for it to actually happen again has helped me.

GH: What has your time at UW with fellow senior Emily Florence been like?
AP: We've been together through everything. I've been blessed to have her as my point guard for four years. She understands the game. We have a bond and we both want to finish the year strong. She is a feisty girl and the way she rebounds the ball is amazing.

GH: What are the team's goals this weekend?
AP: The goal for the weekend is to get two wins. It is not going to be easy. Never in the Pac-10 is getting two wins easy. We just have to be focused and bring it for both of those games in order to come back with a sweep.



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