Quotes from Herb Sendek's Tuesday Press Conference

Jan. 29, 2008

Tempe, Ariz. - On Practice: 'We had a good practice. The guys had a lot of energy, we are getting ready to crank it up again this afternoon.'

On lifting the team's spirits and doing better: 'Focus on what we need to do better, be accountable to ourselves and each other, continue to honor the process and strive to improve.'

On being on the road and whether or not it is tougher to be on the road: 'Tough competition is a constant in our conference right now. We are most certainly challenged night in and night out. We have to plat at a very high level with very little margin for mishap to be competitive in a given night. We were fortunate to win some early games, games that could have gone either way. The guys made some plays at the end that tilted it our direction, but we still remain a team that really has to be quick and on all cylinders on a given night.'

On correcting the scoring balance: ' I don't know that it is always something that you can correct, sometimes it is what it is. At the end of the day it is still basketball, as analytical as you want to get, as much as you want to bring things down you have to put the ball in the basket. That is one thing that Washington State did a little better than we did the other day and they made some shots like Taylor Rochestie's at the end of the shot clock that was out by the Wells Fargo marker. I think that his bank shot off balance as a left-hander going right off the glass, those are the kind of possessions that we quickly followed, had really good looks but didn't score the basket. Through seven games our three point field goal percentage is under 30 percent and we need to have it better.'

On talking to the younger guys and hitting the wall at this time in the season: 'It's a tremendous mental and physical marathon. It can be a grind and that's part of the process, the endurance aspect most certainly for young guys but also for everybody. It's day in day out, next game, two games this week, three games the next week. If you play on a Sunday for instance they keep coming. Basketball is just a long season, that's part of the challenges, the endurance component of it.'

On Adjustment in Pac-10 Scheduling: 'I don't know how you do it with travel, you would have to travel twice to Washington, twice to Oregon, and twice to northern California. I don't know how you adjust that logistically.'

On the ability of James Harden to take over games: 'James is continuing to work to impact games in a variety of ways. The challenge that we have for him is to find as many different ways to have an impact on the game as you can.'

On James Harden's Health: 'He is doing much better. I thought yesterday he probably looked as good as he had since the injury. Yesterday it was back to true form. I didn't notice any deficit yesterday. I think he is still a little bit sore but yesterday it seemed like he had turned the corner in terms of his movement.'

On Harden being named to the Wooden Award watch list: 'Anytime one of our players gets recognized we are happy for that and we celebrate that. Right now we are very team centered and trying to prepare for our next game. James has had a good start and it is nice to see him receive recognition for that.'

On Kevin Love being as good as any other player in the Pac-10: 'He's a tremendous player. His size, his strength are astounding. Not surprisingly he is off to a great start. It seems he leaves his mark on every contest.'

On the teams difficulty rebounding and taking away other teams rebounding ability: 'It is going to be a great challenge for us. In our Pac-10 play we are being out rebounded by a margin of 2.4 per game, which at least is relatively neutral. You take away the collapse against Stanford on the backboard, given were we are size wise we are in the mix. But going up against UCLA we will have a tremendous challenge on the backboard. That I just the strength of their team, they have great size and athleticism, they are tough and they go get the ball.'

On Kraidon Woods ability to help: 'He is getting better and you never know for certain when a guy is going to have his break through. You simply encourage them to keep working, having a great attitude, which he most certainly is doing.'

On Jamelle McMillan's progression: 'Jamelle is an every day guy and he doesn't take any days off. He comes to work everyday and he invests his best. Guys that have that approach are the ones who improve the most and eventually reach different thresholds of break through. When you have the mind set that Jamelle posses and you have his work ethic that keeps those arrows pointing in the right direction.'

On changing the zone during the second half against Washington State and continuing to do so: 'We really didn't change it to much we always adjust to what the offense is doing but our basic zone stayed the same.'

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