Meet The Cardinal: Shannon Koplitz

April 10, 2008

Shannon Koplitz, Stanford's second baseman, is a sophomore from New Orleans, La. As a freshman last season, Shannon was one of the teams' top offensive players and earned All-Pac-10 Honorable Mention for her efforts. This year, she continues to be a key member of the Cardinal lineup and has recorded eight doubles, three homeruns and 24 RBI.

Describe where you're from. What's the best thing about New Orleans that you can't get at Stanford?

I'm very proud to be from New Orleans, Louisiana. It's a unique place with an incredible culture and resilient, noble people. I love everything: the food, the music, the history, and all the other cultural components that belong only to the Big Easy. One of my favorite parts about New Orleans is Mardi Gras, a huge party spanning a few weeks in early Spring. There are awesome parades with beautiful floats, lively marching bands, fire-carriers (flambeaux), and excited onlookers. The best part about Mardi Gras for me (besides the time off from school) was always King Cake, a delicious treat of icing-smothered dough that is also deeply routed in the traditions of the festival. There are many other things that I really miss, but Mardi Gras is definitely one of the coolest ways to experience New Orleans.

How would you spend a day with no school or softball?

I would probably spend a lot of time outside, maybe reading or talking to my friends. I would also watch at least one movie, and if I ever got even the least bit tired I would take a nap immediately. If I'm not playing or studying, I try to take care of all the little things that I don't normally have very much time to do (i.e. doing laundry, going to the post office, etc). I also really like listening to almost any kind of music.

What's the most interesting thing you've done at Stanford?

Last year as a study break the pottery club held a workshop for raku-fired ceramics in my dorm. It was really fun messing around with the clay, and the firing itself was cool. They fired the pieces at night in big, heavy kilns in the middle of campus. We put different color glazes on the pieces before they were fired, which made them take on a really neat metallic quality. I also had a lot of fun on the campus-wide puzzle hunt my dorm did last year. It was an all night ordeal and the clues were really hard, so my team didn't actually finish the game, but the feeling of excited triumph every time we called in a clue correctly was awesome.

When did you start playing softball?

I started playing rec ball just before I turned seven. I didn't want to go to the tryouts, but my dad told me that all I had to do was get through the tryout and then if I still really didn't like softball I didn't have to play anymore. The first drill the coaches had us do was catch three fly-balls. I was the only one in my line to catch all three, and after that I began to think that maybe playing softball wouldn't be so bad after all.

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