Q&A With Karinn Dickinson

April 16, 2008

Freshman Karinn Dickinson became the first Husky women's golfer to win a tournament title since 2006 when she captured medalist honors at Stanford's Peg Barnard Collegiate last weekend. Dickinson, who carded two-straight career-low rounds of 1-under 71, helped the squad to a second-place team finish - UW's best showing of the season. Up next will be the Pac-10 Championships hosted by USC in Palos Verdes, Calif. Dickinson took some time to talk to GoHuskies.com correspondent Emily Florence about her winning performance, a bit about life in Norway and the team's goals for the conference tournament.

GoHuskies.com: Congratulations on winning the tournament at Stanford. How did it feel as a freshman to win your first title?
Karinn Dickinson: 'It felt good, really good actually because this year been a little bit of a struggle. It's been up and down. I didn't make the lineup a couple tournaments before so that made me want to work harder and it paid off.'

GH: Both rounds you shot a 71, which were your career lows. What was the key to your success or did you have a certain mentality going into this tournament.
KD: ' The whole team had the mentality of being in the present. Our goal was to go out there and have fun because that's what its all about. It was fun just striking the ball well and I just had fun out there really.'

GH: Were you expecting to do so well?
KD: 'Others might not have expected it but I expect that from myself.'

GH: How is it adjusting to college from high school?
KD: 'Not that bad because people told me a lot about what to expect - to stay on top of your stuff and you'll be fine, which is true.'

GH: Even though the team is really young, did anyone personally take you under their wing or show you the ropes to get adjusted here?KD: 'Just together as a team, it's just so much fun. Everyone gets along. Everyone wants to help everybody and pushes everyone in a good way.'

GH: What led you to come to the University of Washington?
KD: 'Coach Mulflur and the fact that my family is around here. My dad went to UW as well so I just wanted to come here too.'

GH: You lived in Norway for 10 years where you also played golf, what was that experience like for you?KD: 'It was a lot of fun. It was different because of the seasons but still a lot of fun.'

GH: How is life in Norway different from the United States?
KD: 'Its' not that different, you just don't have school sports everything is more club oriented. That's the major difference. And everything is a lot bigger here.'

GH: When did you start playing golf competitively?
KD: 'When I was 14.'

GH: Are there any differences between playing golf internationally and playing in the U.S.? Are the golf courses different?
KD: 'Yes, but depends where you are. I've played at a lot of tournaments in Spain, Italy Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark so it's different everywhere but still anywhere we go we play great courses.'

GH: What was it like winning the Norwegian Jr. National Championships?
KD: 'It was a lot of fun.'

GH: Now that the regular season is done, what are the team's goals going into the Pac-10 Championships?
KD: 'We just really want to do our best and for sure make it to Regionals. That is a huge goal and to do the best we can.'

GH: Have you thought about a major yet? What are you interested in studying?KD: 'I'm not sure what I'd like to major in yet, I'm just taking classes that I need right now really.'

GH: What do you like to do in your free time besides golf?
KD: 'In the winter I like to snowboard. I like shopping like any other girl, hanging out with friends and enjoying college.'

GH: You have a younger sister, does she live here?
KD: 'No she lives in Norway with my mom.'

GH: Does she golf?
KD: 'No, she's not very athletic.'

GH: Will you get to go see them anytime soon? Do you get to go back to Norway to visit?
KD: 'Pretty much every summer I get to go back for a couple months and then usually every other Christmas.'

GH: Do you look up to any particular pro golfer?
KD: 'I like Tiger Woods and Suzanne Peterson, she is Norwegian.'

GH: Thanks for taking the time to chat with GoHuskies.com and good luck at the Pac-10 Championships.
KD: 'Thanks!'

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