Meet The Cardinal: Rosey Neill

May 7, 2008

Rosey Neill, Stanford's catcher, is a sophomore from Laguna Hills, Calif. Currently, the Pac-10 homerun leader, Rosey has hit 17 homers this year and is looking to break the school's single-season record with three more. This year, Rosey is second on the team with a .359 batting average, and paces the squad with 48 RBI. In April, she was named one of 25 finalists for the USA Softball National Player of the Year award.

Describe some of the most interesting places you've traveled to to play softball.

The most interesting place that I have been to has got to be Eschede, Holland. Alissa Haber and I traveled there together with the USA Junior National Team this past summer to compete for a World Championship. I think it's pretty much amazing that we got the opportunity to go to another country on another continent just because of softball. International softball is a really interesting experience just because it is so extreme. You go one day and play a team like Botswana who is just stoked to be there (they weren't even wearing real cleats) to playing Japan who pound for pound is one of the most disciplined teams I have ever played against. I would have to say though, that my favorite trip for softball would have to be the times that I have gotten to go to Boulder, Colorado. Easily the most fun tournament to play during high school, Boulder had a great mix of softball and cool setting. The high-pressure setting of a recruiting tournament mixed with the laid back atmosphere of the city made for a fun week.

In addition to playing with the Junior National Team, what did you do over the summer?

This past summer I worked as an Oral Surgery Assistant in Irvine, Ca for Dr. Blair Ota. I happened to get the job because Dr. Ota (AKA Blair, head coach of Irvine Sting, a team I used to play for) needed some summer assistants and I needed a job. I was helping him out with one of his younger teams and somehow we stumbled into talking about work. I joined Erikka Moreno as a surgical assistant and got to know one of our incoming freshmen even better. Though I am not terribly interested in going into a profession as an oral surgeon the work was very interesting. Day to day life involved setting up for surgeries, handing tools to Dr. Ota, presurgical patient care, maintaining the airway of the patient during surgery, and post-surgery cleanup. It was definitely one of the best summer jobs I could have asked for. Some of the funnier moments occurred right as patients were coming out of anesthesia and basically lacked inhibition in what they said and how they acted.

Is it true that you're a pretty good golfer?

I would definitely not say I'm a 'good' golfer!! But I will say that I can hold my own. I started playing golf my freshman year of high school to get out of my PE requirement. Little did I know that I would end up being Varsity Captain my senior year! I never won any tournaments but I did win the longest drive competition between my own team and 3 others in our area. My major problem with golf is simply how quiet it is! If you have ever seen (or heard as the case may be) me play, you'll know that I am pretty vocal. Well, when I went to cheer for teammates on the golf course I was often shushed and got some pretty funny looks. I don't really have much of a chance to play anymore just because softball and school keep me pretty busy. I also don't think Coach would be too happy if I started playing again because a good golf swing can really screw up a good softball swing! Sad, but true!!

How would you spend a day without softball or school?

A day without softball or school? Is there such a thing? I guess if it did exist I would spend most of it asleep! Lame... I know, but a really good use of my time! I would probably also spend sometime reading a book that has nothing to do with classes. Right now I'm working on Ender's Shadow, a book that came highly recommended from my teammate, Shannon Koplitz. My favorite place in the Bay Area has got to be Stanford. I'm pretty sure I could live here forever! I guess outside of that, my favorite place to hang out is anywhere my friends are. I'm pretty sure we could make anywhere a good time!

What has been your best memory with Stanford softball so far?

Oh man... asking me my best memory with Stanford Softball is like asking what my favorite star is. Every memory is a fun one and we are always full of laughter. This past trip to Oregon was definitely a memorable one! I thoroughly enjoyed the Saltine Challenge at Ruby Tuesdays in Corvallis. Seeing Erin start to laugh and blow cracker dust at Maddy was priceless. Even more than that, watching Alissa do a performance of the 'Thizz Dance' on the bus ride to the airport was awesome.

Anything you're 'addicted' to or spend way too much time doing?

I definitely watch way too much TV!! I never met a cycle of America's Next Top Model I didn't like!! The hours that I have spent chilling in front of the TV just surfing around are just ridiculous. I rationalize this in my mind by thinking about all the hours I spend at the field and then I feel like I can spend the next 5 years on the couch watching TV and we might be close to even!!

A quote on your outlook for the week ahead/rest of the season:

'Get ready for a fun couple of weeks because Stanford Softball is ready to throw down!!'

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