Q&A with Cal Women's Crew's Candice Rediger

May 22, 2008

BERKELEY - CalBears.com recently interviewed Cal senior rower Candice Rediger about a variety of topics, including winning the Pac-10 championship, wrapping up her collegiate rowing career and competing at the NCAA Women's Rowing Championships in her hometown of Gold River, Calif.

CalBears.com: How does it feel to wrap up your Cal career by rowing in your last two competitions in your hometown?

Rediger: 'I'm really excited that all of our championship races are here. This was my home course from high school. It's great to be back and it's nice because it's close to school. As for wrapping up the season, we're in a good position. I'm really excited going into these championship races, because we're really confident in our training.'

CalBears.com: How many relatives did you have on hand at the Pac-10 Rowing Championships?

Rediger: 'I had my whole family. An uncle from New York is visiting for graduation. But he got to watch Pac-10s and will be around for NCAAs, too. My sister rows [at Lake Natoma] in high school, and she was holding our boat at the start line. That was cool, having family around.'

CalBears.com: How inspiring was it to see the Cal novice eight win the Pac-10 title in the first grand final of the conference regatta?

Rediger: 'That was really great because they had not won that event since 2004, which was even before my time here. It's just great when you're getting ready for your own race to see one of your other Cal boats coming down and doing phenomenally. It's really inspiring and great to see.'

CalBears.com: Is the Cal varsity eight peaking as it heads towards NCAAs?

Rediger: 'This team has such a great drive that it's not going to settle at all, and we're going to keep getting faster in the next several days and keep looking to see what we can do better and improve upon. We're in a good position now, and we're going to keep getting better for NCAAs.'

CalBears.com: What were the injuries that hampered you last season?

Rediger: 'I had a back injury and a rib fracture last spring. The rib fracture was the problem, though, as far as why I wasn't racing. It was from practice, training, overuse. It was in the beginning of the racing season, but they're better now, and it's great to be back full strength.'

CalBears.com: How has your individual performance improved since last year?

Rediger: 'I wasn't racing much since I was injured, so it's great to be here for all the races this year. I'm just doing what Dave [O'Neill] says, fine-tuning my technique and getting as fit as I can possibly be and getting faster. Every year you get a little bit faster, so I'm trying to keep that up.'

CalBears.com: You list cooking as one of your hobbies. Do you have a specialty dish?

Rediger: 'I have a huge sweet tooth, so I enjoy making desserts. I enjoy making apple pies from scratch. I've gotten compliments on it. I also make chicken marsala, which seems to be a hit with my roommates on the team.'

CalBears.com: Do you watch any cooking shows on television?

Rediger: 'I watch `Food Network Challenges' and also `Aces of Cakes,' because that's about baking, and I like my desserts. I don't watch the reality cooking shows.'

CalBears.com: What's next for you after Cal?

Rediger: 'As far as crew is concerned, I'm not going to be competing anymore as a rower next year. I might try and still stay in it somehow. I'll definitely come back as a supporter. NCAAs will be my last race. As far as competing for a team, maybe I'll come back and do masters a few years later.'

CalBears.com: What kind of career or graduate school degree are you thinking of pursuing?

Rediger: 'Right now, I'm deciding between going to law school and going to graduate school for psychology. I'm planning on taking the year off to decide and feel out both fields a little bit more and go from there. Definitely a year from now I'll be applying or hopefully getting ready to go into a graduate school somewhere.'

CalBears.com: Last season, did you ever expect that your senior year would go this well?

Rediger: 'Last year was definitely a learning experience for our team. We had a younger team. Fortunately we had a lot of people return this year from last year's team. We knew what needed to be different from last year, and we really just started from the beginning of the season this year trying to make it positive and fix what we needed to from last year. It's been great, and everyone's really been working toward being successful this year. I'm really excited to go to NCAAs and see what this team can do.'

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