Vollmer's March to Beijing Journal Entry No. 12

May 28, 2008

Berkeley - With the 2008 Olympic Team Trials in Omaha, Neb. less than a month away, America's top swimmers have begun preparing for what could be the biggest and most important meet of their careers. Every week until then, USA Swimming has asked two athletes - Olympic veteran Dana Vollmer and up-and-coming hopeful Caitlin Leverenz - to share their perspectives as they inch closer to the March to Beijing. This week, Vollmer shares her perspectives on preparation for a healthy diet in Beijing along with other anecdotes.

Dana Vollmer Journal #12 - May 28, 2008

Things have been absolutely amazing here recently! I am now feeling great and have had some of my best workouts last week and have continued my spree onto this week! I am really sore from weights, but I love it. I feel so strong in the water! School is finally done and it feels amazing to not have to go to class. I can just focus on training and sleep all day. It is the life, LOL!

I have recently started preparing other aspects of trials and am growing more anxious to finally get to go compete. I met with our nutritionist here at Cal and we arranged what types of food I am going to bring, locating restaurants, and preparing the ultimate refueling strategies. I am simply working on feeling as secure and knowledgeable about as much as I can to limit stress while I am there! I am preparing now to go the JEI and have fun with the last competition before Trials, starting off the weekend with a fun 200 IM!

I am still slowly trying to piece together my apartment. I have the bulk furniture now but it's not very decorated. I really want to bring in some plants. I think I want the fake ones, only because I will for sure kill them. I'm just horrible at remembering to water them!

I have also been creating fun meals with my close friend, Leann Toomey, who used to swim for Cal. We basically are great cooks! Well, at least she is! She has an Italian background and knows so much more than me in terms of spices and sauces. We have also made a pact to go and try a variety of different restaurants and foods, which has been extremely fun.

Well I wish I had more to give you on preparations for a meet like Trials, but honestly, I simply try to do the best I can with what I am handed every day. I figure that if I can do that, then I will be the best I could possibly be when Trials come around. I try not to stress on possibilities or stress on what my competition is doing. While I do keep that in the back of my mind, I can only control my own body, my own confidence, and my own training schedule. I work with my teammates who have the same goals as me, and together we make ourselves stronger and practice racing each other every day. That's all I can control, so that's all I am going to focus on. Just taking one day at a time!

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