Press Conference Quotes From Long Beach Regional

May 29, 2008

LONG BEACH, CALIF. - Long Beach RegionalPre-Tournament Press ConferenceNo. 3 California

California Head Coach David Esquer:

Opening Statement

'We're excited to be here with four quality teams. We're not afraid to say it is the best regional in the country. We've kept track of all the teams all season and seen them all. Everyone is deserving of being here and no matter who you're matched up against its going to be a quality game.'

Regarding being in Long Beach as opposed to a site farther east

'I think that any west coast team gets tired of beating up on each other (other West Coast teams) on a yearly basis and to see some new competition and new faces is always exciting. I'm not saying we'd ratherbe there but I'm saying that we and other coaches and teams out here don't see it as a disadvantage.'

On Long Beach State after the losing skid

'We definitely don't expect to see the same team we saw (earlier in the season). We have nothing but respect for them being able to turn it around after that streak and win the Big West.

On switching around pitching staffs for the postseason

'Before you get into the tournament, you have to definitely look at matchups. I don't think anyone in this tournament can afford to switch around their staffs...every team here is pitching their no. 1 guy.I think with all four teams here you have to go with your best right off the bat.'

Regarding if there is a true favorite in this regional

I really don't think there can be (a favorite) to be honest with you. I think each one of these teams is capable (of winning). We'll start out tomorrow and see if someone can build a hot streak and pitching willhave a lot to do with it. When you break down each one of the teams, I don't think there is another regional where all four teams are capable of coming out.

Junior right-hander Tyson Ross:

On his friendship with San Diego pitcher Brian Matusz during their time on Team USA

'We spent a lot of time together in the bullpen talking about pitching and stuff. We're pretty good friends.'

On the afternoon start tomorrow

'Pitching under the lights is more of an advantage to pitchers since its hard to pick up the spin, but we've been playing in the daytime so its nothing new to us.

Junior first baseman David Cooper:

Regarding the 10-day break Cal had during the latter part of the season

'I don't think it was that big of a deal. Most of our guys got their work in and basically we made sure to see some live arms during the time off.'

On his experiences at Blair from his Cal State Fullerton days

'At night the ball doesn't travel as well so you have to keep hits low. The infield is very fast with big gaps (in the outfield). Traditionally it is a pitchers park because of the (lack of) homers, but there are alot of hits to the outfield too.'

Regarding his decision to transfer to California from Cal State Fullerton

'It's been exactly what I wanted it to be, It's more of a university feel as opposed to Fullerton which is more of a commuter school. I like the camaraderie of the school and its been exactly what I wanted.

Long Beach RegionalPre-Tournament Press ConferenceNo. 2 San Diego

San Diego Head Coach Rich Hill:

Opening Statement

'It is great to be here and great to be living in Southern California because we just come up Interstate 5. It's familiar territory here. It was great to come up here for a three-game series in the fall. This is the toughest regional out of all 16. All the baseball teams are well coached.'

Regarding his thoughts after the pairings were announced

'In my own life I try to live by 'In everything give thanks.' I wanted to be put in a situation where we could achieve success. When our name came up, I believed that is where we should be.

'College baseball, the NCAA Tournament in particular, is very regionalized. Until we start seeding 1 through 64, we won't see a true national champion. Baseball has come a long way, but we need to get tothe level of seeding 1 through 64. So, I am not surprised by the pairings, it will be that way until we go to 1 through 64 seeding.'

Junior left-hander Brian Matusz:

Regarding Friday's contest against California's Tyson Ross

'I have never faced Tyson, but I did have the opportunity to play with him last summer. He's a great pitcher and I look forward to going against him tomorrow.'

Senior second baseman Kevin Hansen:

Comments on Blair Field

'This is a pretty big ballpark, bigger than ours and what we are use to. We just need to keep our eye on the prize and not change anything we are doing.'

Regarding San Diego's High-Profile Pitching Staff

'We know we have a great pitching staff. We have all the confidence in the world in our guys.'

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