Trojan Diary: Michelle and Briana's SoCal Summer

July 24, 2008

This is Briana Gilbreath and Michelle Jenkins, two of USC's incoming freshmen. We chose to come to USC because there is an equal balance here between basketball and academics. Of course, we enjoy the sunny days and mild weather and also the fact that we are in the middle of Los Angeles and there is so much to do. Our Diary will give a little insight on what life as a baby TROJAN at USC is really like!


Wow, it is crazy to know that we have been here for a whole month. It seems like just yesterday we walked on campus and were thinking, `What have we got ourselves into?' but then we walked by the football field and all of our questions were answered! Life as we knew it was about to change, we now had our own responsibilities and daily challenges, and we quickly learned that time management was crucial.

The first few weeks flew by as we started to workout at 7 a.m. daily, start our classes, and meet new people. We realized that it is not as bad as everyone thinks, although weight lifting and conditioning is no joke. As far as classes are concerned, when we first met our teacher and found out she wrote the book that we were studying, there was a little pressure, but we have done just fine.

During the short period of time that we had been on campus we could already feel the school spirit and what it means to be a TROJAN. Getting to know people wasn't as hard as we thought it would be, and the football players are the nicest people on campus. We both bought bikes since we have been down here because after workouts no one wants to walk back to the dorms. Although we have limited transportation with our bikes, we have managed to get ourselves into some fun, because life is not all about basketball. We found a great balance between work and play, yet we have our priorities straight.

We have encountered a few crazy experiences since we have been down here. To start it all off, we thought we were going to have to get Michelle bike lessons because she almost fell off and ate it! Then there is our experience with the local grocery store Superior... when we tried to check out over 50 items in the express lane, and the lady told us we had to stand in line like everyone else. Also I (Briana) almost burnt our dorm Troy down while trying to bake a cake. I didn't think the oven would get hotter than I set the temperature to! Not to mention the humorous experiences with the football and men's basketball players because they are our entertainment 24 hours a day.

We really wish Ashley Corral was here because then our Three Musketeers Pack would be complete, but we know she is doing her thing in Argentina with the USA Under-18 team. We will have so much to catch her up on!

We love it here and it is everything we thought it would be and more. We have now become used to our busy schedules, and we have made it halfway through summer school, sore muscles and all! Stay tuned for the next entry! FIGHT ON!!!

- Michelle and Briana