Fall Camp Underway/Habben Q&A

Aug. 5, 2008

SEATTLE - The 2008 Husky football fall camp got underway Monday. It was, like most days of camp, a busy day for the Huskies.

After breakfast and an orientation meeting in the morning, the Huskies had meetings, were issued their equipment and moved back into their newly renovated locker room. In the midday, about a dozen Huskies joined Coach Tyrone Willingham and coordinators Tim Lappano and Ed Donatell for a press luncheon.

The afternoon consisted of more meetings and the first practice of 2008 began at 3:45 on the Husky Stadium turf. As always, the initial practice was a no-pads affair, but that didn't keep the team from getting a lot of work done as the usual individual drills were followed by a fair amount of team work.

One good sight on the field was the presence of Husky center Juan Garcia. The sixth-year senior, who suffered a devastating lisfranc foot injury in the spring, didn't participate fully, but did take part in some of activities before spending the majority of practice working on conditioning and strength.

Tuesday, the team will spend its morning in the weight room and at meetings before holding their second practice in the afternoon.

Monday, gohuskies.com caught up with offensive tackle Cody Habben, a sophomore from Skyline High. He talked about his prospective move from left to right tackle and the addition of his former high school coach, Steve Gervais, who joined the UW staff as the running backs coach during the offseason.

Here's what Habben had to say:

How does the line look coming into camp?

'Good. We haven't put any pads on yet. We still have to shake off some rust because we haven't played in pads for a couple months, so we might be a little rusty at first but I think we're looking pretty good.'

You'll likely be playing right tackle this year, so how's the transition going?

'It should be all right.I played right tackle all through high school, and my freshman year, when I redshirted, I played right tackle. Last year was the only time I've only played left tackle. It should be all right once I get back into things.'

What'd you do this offseason to prepare? Anything special?

'No, not really. Just the usual - we lifted, ran, and did a lot of offensive and defensive line drills this summer, more than we've ever done since I've been here. So that was good -just taking footwork steps and working hard overall.'

You're feeling good physically?

'Yeah. We had a little break before camp started, so that was nice to get off our feet and relax. I feel good, so hopefully I stay healthy.'

So what do you think of the new guys coming in?

'I saw them play in the seven-on-seven drills and some of the O-line and D-line drills. They can play. They look really good and I think they'll be a big attribute to our team.'

Your high school coach, Steve Gervais, joined the Husky coaching staff this year. How's that going for you?

'Oh, I love it. I love having Gerv there, he's a great guy to be around and it's hard not to have fun when he's around. We kept the relationship after I graduated and I think he's a great attribute to the coaching staff. All the players like him and it's going to be fun having him here.'