Beijing Blogs - Nicolette Teo - Aug. 8, 2008

Aug. 8, 2008

Today is the day of the opening ceremony for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. 8.8.08! While participating in the opening ceremony is truly an experience of a lifetime, I have opted to sit it out because the opening ceremony is also a very long and draining event whereby you leave the Village around 6 in the evening and do not return till about 2 or 3 am. Seeing as how I have the 100 breast in two days time, I figure I'm making a smart sacrifice by staying behind. In addition to being a tiring event, one does not get to actually see much of the ceremony, as parading athletes and officials are cooped up in a holding tank for hours on end waiting for their turn to walk into the stadium. I think Singapore is country number 197 and is expected to parade out around 10.30pm. I plan to be fast asleep by then!

I recall fondly my very first opening ceremony at the 2000 Sydney Games. I didn't swim the 100 breast at that Olympics and didn't have to worry about what time I got home or how tired I was. Besides, I think I was too young and too excited to even have such thoughts cross my mind! (Ah! The beauty and innocence of youth!) I remember waiting for what seemed like forever before it was Singapore's turn to march out. I remember waving at the camera and flashing them a thousand-watt smile. I remember the feeling of excitement bubbling up inside of me as I thought about how I was part of something so much bigger than myself. And lastly, I also remember wearing this horrible white furry (yes, ladies and gents, FURRY!!??!) scrunchie in my hair!! Looking back I cringe when I think about that scrunchie and have absolutely no clue what possessed me to wear that monstrosity in my hair! Definitely a huge fashion don't moment for me! =)

Anyway, tonight I shall make no such fashion faux pas as I sit and watch the opening ceremony on TV from the safety of my room in the Games Village.

- Nicolette

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