Locker Injures Hamstring / Polk & Middleton Q&A

Aug. 8, 2008

SEATTLE - Washington quarterback Jake Locker injured his left hamstring during Thursday afternoon's practice, Coach Tyrone Willingham announced Friday.

Locker suffered the injury while running a play. There was no contact with another player. He had an MRI Friday, the results of which aren't yet known.

Locker and Willingham met with the media Friday prior to practice. Both were quick to point out that it doesn't seem that severe.

'Our thought process is just to be very cautious and move forward day to day,' Coach Willingham said. Willingham also stated that there was no reason to think that Locker would miss out on the season-opening game at Oregon.

In the meantime, redshirt freshman Ronnie Fouch will take snaps with the first team. Both Locker and his coach pointed to Fouch's opportunity to get more work as a silver lining.

'Ronnie did a great job yesterday,' Willingham said. 'He did a great job running the offense.'

As for other news, the Huskies will take part in the first full-pads practice Friday afternoon before transitioning to their first two-a-day schedule Saturday. Saturday also features the annual Picture Day, the fans' chance to meet and get autographs from all the Husky players.

Fans will also get an up-close look at two promising Husky freshmen: tight end Kavario Middleton and slotback Chris Polk. Both of them sat down Thursday with Here's what they had to say, starting with Middleton:

Kavario Middleton

How are the first couple days of camp? Does it feel good to strap on the pads and start hitting people?

It's good. It feels good so far to get back out there and getting in the grove of things.

You guys have a few different guys at the tight end position with no clear starter. How's the competition going?

It's good. You know, it's not really a competition because I'm learning from the older guys. They're taking care of me and making sure I have all my assignments down.

What's the biggest difference going from playing against high school guys to now going up against Division I college athletes?

Everyone is bigger, faster, stronger, smarter. They always know what they're doing. Everything that comes with going to the next level, you got to up your game.

You came to camp with your high school teammate, Jermaine Kearse. Have you guys been helping each other along? Is it easier going through camp with someone you've played with?

It's cool in terms of developing a comfort level. The guys around here are real cool and real easy going so things have been going smooth.

And, this from Polk:

Chris Polk

After a couple days of camp, how's it feel to have football season starting up again?

It feels good, besides my sore legs. You just have to get used to it, you know, getting used to all this running and working hard. I've never worked this hard in my life so I just have to get used to it.

What's been the biggest thing for you making the adjustment from the high school to the college game?

I would have to say speed and strength. I'm not used to being, like, the third fastest, you know. I'm used to just outrunning people, but now they're just as fast, if not faster than me. I just have to get used to that.

There's been talk of moving you around and playing a couple different positions. Where do you see yourself helping this team within the offense?

I would have to say running back. I see myself better at running back because I've only played receiver for two years my whole life. I'm more comfortable at running back, but I also see myself helping at wide receiver, too, because of the way I run after the catch.

You're from Southern California. How's the Pacific Northwest weather been treating you?

It hasn't been that bad. Actually the summer has been nice. I remember in California it being 110 degrees during 'Hell Week,' so it's been cool. The only thing that's tough is that the turf gets real hot and my feet start to feel it, but that's the only problem I've been having.

What's it going to be like for you playing in front of tens of thousands of people every week?

'I try not to think about it. I know I'm going to be real nervous, but I'm just going to focus on what I need to do and act like the crowd isn't there. That's going to be an adjustment.'

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