Trojan Diary: Briana and Michelle's Summer Recap

Aug. 26, 2008

As summer school winds down, we have gotten acclimated to the Trojan lifestyle. After getting used to those early morning workouts, we are BEASTING in the weight room. We have already gotten so much stronger! As time has passed, we have gotten used to our classes and the assignments that come with it. It's crazy to think that we just finished our last week and now the fall is starting! The summer has just flown by.

Since the last diary, we haven't burned any food. As a matter of fact, we have had some pretty good meals. We have gotten campus figured out, and no longer get lost... what a relief. Our bike riding skills have also gotten much better; no crashes lately! We have also been having some fun. We baked cakes for our friend's birthday, which resulted in a silly-string fight. Not so fun to clean in the dorm!

Although our workouts have been going great, we had a very memorable week of workouts when our trainer Brent was on vacation. We got sent to the football weight room to keep up with the weights, thinking that we would be the only people there working out. The first day came and we were stunned by the sight. Not only were there people working out, but the ENTIRE football team was there. We got one step in there, and turned around and ran out!! After a minute of collaboration, we came back in and worked out. The ridicule that we have received from the football players has still not stopped today. They just love to make fun of the little weight that we are able to lift. Little do they know, when we get strong they will be sorry! We still love them though!! :)

The highlight of our workouts in the football weight room was seeing Pete Carroll. We felt like groupies, and wanted to get his autograph, how embarrassing! They have just started their football camp, and we wish them the best of luck for this up coming year. You know we will be at the games!

This week, our gorgeous basketball arena has been closed for some remodeling. We have been going to the gym on campus that `Love and Basketball' was shot in to work out. It's so cool in there! It seemed like we were almost in the movie. The first thing Bri did was walk in and put her arm up like she was shooting... it looked just like the movie, although I hope we won't be getting in trouble like that from Coach Trakh this year! We then decided that we should reward ourselves for a summer of hard work. We treated ourselves to burritos AND ice cream! We are still full.

As we wind down, we have started to pack our stuff. It's crazy how many memories we have made already. We can't wait to get the fall started!! FIGHT ON!!

--Baby Trojans
(Michelle and Bri)

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