Ashley Nick's Rhyme Time: Blog 1

Aug. 28, 2008

Hey this is Ashley Nick
On the field I like to kick
I'm a senior midfielder at USC
You can check this site regularly for a blog from me
I like to write in rhymes
So check it out, because it took some time.
= )

2008 is `bout to start
Another season to test ability, strength, and heart.
Last year ended in our favor
Got that feeling we'll always savor.
But we left the National Championship in the past
Because depending on old accomplishments will end us in last.
'Stay Hungry, Stay Humble' is our saying
Ready to get on the field and do some quality playing
But first you must pass the `grueling' Cooper
Almost 2 miles?... in 12 minutes?!!...super.
Double days to get us right
A self defense class bonds the team tight.
Ice baths become a daily yearn
Super High Intensity Training group will soon learn
That it is not saving yourself for the end of a set
But going hard on every sprint is the best bet.
A morning practice and an afternoon game
Knowing teams round the country are doing the same
So we find a way to make us unique
We players took control of the program with constructive critique.
The roster grew talented with the freshman eight
Eager to learn and participate.
Some film, classroom time, and a speech
Coach Ali made it clear the requirements to reach.
Counting down the days to play San Diego
A night game so it won't be `fuego.'
Ready to put all we learned to the test
Knowing the crowd would be large and a pest
Reminders from our sports psych to deal with the fuss
'So What? Deal with It' helped to calm us.
A team dinner, some Olympic watching, and visualization perhaps
Leaving Thursday for our Friday match to avoid mishaps.
Breakfast buffet then free time to the max
Off to lunch followed by a tranquil scene to relax.
Headphones on with our favorite song
Aye Bay Bay by Hurricane can't go wrong.
Then to the stadium in two straight lines
Suit up in the locker room, secluded and confined
With only one thing on our mind, the task at hand
Too bad we were without our infamous band.
Not bad for the first game, could work on the flowing
Tested our fitness with an overtime showing.
New Yellow uniforms and a nicely set gauge
Some rhythm for next time to get SC on the same page.
Now off to Portland for a weekend of two
Time to take care of business and have fun... woo hoo!

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