Women's Golf In Scotland: Blog #1

Sept. 10, 2008

Hi everyone!!! My name is Mari Chun, and I am a senior on the Women's golf team. I'm the first one to write about our AMAZING trip, and I am very excited to share some highlights with all of you!

Our plane ride was quite long (around 11hrs+), and the entire team could barely keep their eyes open! Even though we were dragging and up for about 24hrs, the adrenaline from all of the excitement kept us up the first day. After some good rest last night, we had the chance to play our first round of golf at St. Andrews New Course. It was truly an experience I will never forget!

The weather seemed to hold up the first nine holes, but as soon as our groups made the turn, the wind picked up, and the rain came pouring down. I could barely feel my fingers and my nose in the end, but it was more than worth it to have the chance to hit in the notorious pot bunkers and firm fairways and greens. We were all soaked to the bone in the end, but all of us were excited to talk about our rounds on the bus!

Soon after we grabbed lunch, we began our three hour drive towards Turnberry. On the way, our driver decided to put on a TV show that he liked, called 'Fawlty Towers' (I think), which contains some of Mr. Bean's stylistic comedy, but by the 5th episode we were all dying from the humor and loud speakers! To add to the excitement, on the freeway, a huge truck suddenly came to a halt when its tires blew out right in front of us! Our skilled driver quickly avoided him, and we almost fell out of our seats!!

Around 6pm we finally arrived at Sandhill house, which is one of the most beautiful B&Bs I have ever seen! We all wish we could stay here for a few more nights. All exhausted, we had our strength coach, Jason Quan, walk us through some partner stretching and ate some Chinese food. A nice and relaxing night in a beautiful home and some amazing golf to kick start our week in Scotland... I couldn't have asked for a more memorable day!

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