Women's Golf In Scotland: Blog #3

Sept. 12, 2008

On Thursday we played at Prestwick Golf Club. I played in the first group with Coach and Lila, and we had a great time. It was a beautiful course, but with a lot of blind shots. As Lila said to me early in the round, we just had to hit it and hope! Even one of the par three holes featured a 'hit it and hope' off the tee. We had to hit over a huge hill, literally called the Himalayas, trying to find the green hidden on the other side. Two circles on the hill served as our only guide as to the line to the hole. It was definitely an interesting experience.

We had very different weather today than earlier in the week. After two previous days of rain and cold, we dressed in as many layers of clothing as we could, only to be surprised with a dry, warmer day! It has continued to be very windy. At this rate, we will come back to Stanford as better wind players in the coming tournaments!

After the round, we got on the bus for a three hour ride back to Edinburgh. It was also Coach's birthday, so when we got back on the bus we sang and surprised her with a big chocolate cake.

Overall, the trip has been a great experience so far. We are getting closer as a team, and I have enjoyed learning how to play this different style of golf. There is so much history with every course we play- at Prestwick one of the gentlemen told us that the first ever British Open was played there in 1860 as well as the next 11 after that. The British Open was last played there in 1925, and one of the rooms in the clubhouse displayed pictures of the tournament. On the opposing wall of the room, there were clubs mounted that had hickory shafts! Seeing those clubs reminded me how special this country truly is, and how lucky we are to see and play the courses where the game of golf began.

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