11 Questions With Danny Suits

Oct. 10, 2008

Get to know UCLA junior midfielder Danny Suits in this week's 11 Questions. Suits has started in all 10 games for UCLA this season, logging 968 minutes, second-most on the squad. He was a starter in 12 games a year ago when he was voted UCLA's Most Improved Player, and played in seven games, including two NCAA Tournament games, as a freshman.

1. Is there any special meaning to your uniform number?
When I was a freshman, I asked for number 2 but I received number 27. I believe it was a clerical error, but it kind of grew on me. I also liked being called last in the line-up, until Mikey Stephens decided to be number 30, and now it's kind of pointless.

2. Who is your favorite soccer player, your favorite athlete in a sport other than soccer, and your favorite UCLA soccer player of all-time?
My favorite soccer player is definitely that fat red-headed kid from the movie The Big Green. And then in a distant second, probably Zidane. My favorite athlete is definitely the fat red-headed catcher in the movie The Sandlot. After that, probably Tiger Woods, and then Goldberg the Goalie. My favorite UCLA soccer player of all-time is most certainly Jose Lopez. Great defender.

3. What is your favorite video game?
I like a lot of computer games. My favorite would have to be Jetman. It's a Facebook game where you challenge your friends with high scores. My high score is dominant.

4. When you're not playing soccer, what would we most likely see you doing?
When I'm not playing soccer, you can usually find me napping or watching one of my favorite pre-recorded television programs.

6. What is your hidden talent, and what is the talent you would most like to have?
Recently, I have become quite adept at handling a rugby ball, thanks to the rugby legend Blaine Scully. I would like to become an excellent table tennis player. For too long have I been defeated by my fellow ping-pongers.

7. List three words that best describe you.
Three words. I...Am...Legend.

8. What is your nickname?
My nickname is Hones.

9. As a biology major, what is your take on animal dissection?
I think animal dissection is wonderful. The bigger the animal, the more apt I am to be in support of its dissection.

10. If your room was on fire, what would you grab on the way out?
If my room was on fire, I would probably grab my beach ball. Everything else that is worth saving is too heavy, and I've grown fond of that ball, even though recently my roommates found it necessary to impale the ball on a kitchen knife.

11. List your all-time UCLA Starting XI.
Forwards: Kyle 'Stink' McAthy, Cliff McKinley
Midfielders: Andrew Sinderhoff, Mikey Stephens, Kyle Nakazawa, David Estrada
Defenders: Pat Rickards, Danny Suits, Brad Rusin, Greg Folk
Goalkeeper: Trevor Hunter

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