11 Questions With Luis Serrano

Oct. 18, 2008

Get to know UCLA junior defender/midfielder Luis Serrano in this week's 11 Questions. Serrano transferred to UCLA this season from Hartnell College, where he was Team MVP in 2007 and the Coast Conference Defender of the Year in 2006. Serrano made an immediate impact upon his arrival at UCLA, earning the start in the season opener and starting in seven games overall.

1. Your teammates all call you by your middle name, Miguel. How do you introduce yourself to people you just meet?
I usually introduce myself as Luis to keep it simple. It gets complicated when they hear others calling me Miguel, and then they're like, 'Wait, I thought your name was Luis?' All my close friends and family call me Miguel, so I guess that's what matters.

2. Decribe your emotions right before your first game at UCLA?
I literally felt like throwing up. I was so nervous, especially since it was going to be on national television. However, once the game got going and my adrenaline began to pump, it all seemed like a regular soccer game.

3. Have you had a 'Welcome to Division I soccer' moment?
My welcome to D1 soccer moment was when we played at Wake Forest. I was defending one of their players down the sideline, and he happened to 'meg me, so I heard some insulting vocabulary from their fans for the rest of the half.

4. What song or singer is getting the most play on your ipod?
Lately it has been this Spanish/English rock group by the name of Monte Negro. I was introduced to their music by David Estrada's little brother Max.

5. What are your pre-game or in-game superstitions or rituals?
I just say a quick little prayer to myself and grab a chunk of grass then make the sign of the cross with it before letting it go.

6. You played quarterback, defensive back and kicker for your high school football team. Which position did you prefer, and which position were you best at?
I preferred playing defensive back because I would just roam around the field tackling the ball carrier. I was probably at about the same level in all positions since I was usually exhausted from being on the field all the time and never really specialized in one position.

7. 10 years from now, I would like to be ...
At the 2018 FIFA World Cup with my friends and family wherever it is held.

8. Which member of the UCLA soccer team would like to trade places with for a day and why?
I would trade places with Andy Rose just so I can have that British accent for a day.

9. Most people don't know this about me, but ...
I have a horse named Pinto back home.

10. List three words that best describe you.
Shy, calm, humble

11. Name your all-time UCLA Starting XI
Defenders (left to right): Chris Cummings, Andy Rose, Brad Rusin, Danny Suits
Midfielders (left to right): Jason Leopoldo, Mikey Stephens, Kyle Nakazawa, Andrew Sinderhoff
Strikers: Prince Lapnet and David Estrada

* I would sub myself in the 2nd half for whoever is tired!

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